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HaleysMommy 09-20-2013 07:37 AM

New! Adjustable Bangle Charm Bracelets!
Big Sis/Lil Sis coming soon

Welcome to HARLEYStripes, your one stop shop for custom, UNIQUE hand stamped jewelry and gifts. Here at HARLEYStripes you'll find unique items for a one of a kind you!

Come back often as I'm in the process of adding 10 new designs to my shop. Help me get up and running!!

Post 1: General Information
Post 2: Items Offered
Post 3: Oops! Seconds, Discounts, and Clearance Items

What is HARLEYStripes?
HARLEYStripes is my shop and it stands for four things I love most in the world: my daughters (H, A, R) and Zebras. What about the "LEY" you ask? Their names all end with the "ley" (lee) sound, therefore HAR + LEY = HARLEY.

I'm still confused about the stripes.
Zebras have stripes. Did you know that the stripes on a zebra are as unique as a human fingerprint? No zebra will have the same pattern! At HARLEYStripes while two necklaces may LOOK the same they're exceptionally unique due to the hand stamped variations inherent with this art. Additionally, each piece is made to order and done by a human. I am that human and I am not perfect, but I strive for excellence always!

How Do I Order?
You can order through PMing me here on DS, initiating a transaction just like any other item on FSOT. You can also find me on Facebook, Etsy, and Ebay.

What Do You Offer?
I offer custom, hand stamped sterling silver jewelry and gifts. Right now we have necklaces for big girls (Moms!), little girls (princesses!), and bookmarks. I have bracelets and Baby's First Christmas Ornaments in the works but I'm not ready to put them on display yet. I hope to have them up here on DS by September 30! I will also be having WOODEN TEETHERS in my shop in the next few weeks. Oh USPS, please bring me some goodies!

I have a vision for my necklace but you don't offer anything like it. Can we talk about it?
Absolutely! Let's create your vision so you have a beautiful keepsake!

What do the initial stamps look like?

I don't know what the birthstone I need is. Can I choose a different color?

Do you offer a discount to DS Mamas?
Yes! Order on Etsy with code "fluffymail" for FREE SHIPPING!


Originally Posted by Cbarnbox (Post 17091384)
I just have to say I purchased from her a custom necklace, and not only was she extremely pleasant to collaborate with but her work is beautiful! I definitely recommend Stacey if you are looking for handmade jewelry :)

HaleysMommy 09-20-2013 07:51 AM

Items Offered (I am in the process of converting these to thumbnail images. Please bear with me during the process. Click on any picture to see it larger) Items do NOT include $3 postage.

Adjustable Charm Bracelets
Bangle, one 1/2" disc, one 3/8" HarleyStripes disc --- $12.00 ("basic bracelet")
Additional 1/2" discs -- $4.00 each
Heart -- $7.00
Swarovski Crystal -- $2.00 each
(More pictures on my FB page)

Baby's First Christmas Ornament $28.00 (Sterling Silver) Includes baby's first and middle name, "1st Christmas", baby's date of birth, Swarovski birthstone, and year. Love the ornament but can't afford Sterling's cost? Get the disc in aluminum for less! $12.00 Wooden Teether with Organic Bamboo Velour $12.00
This teether comes in its own bag for easy carry and keeping it germ free! Longies XMAS Ornament $8.50 -- YYMN available! **Add a sterling silver disc with initial, name or year of birth to personalize it! Ornament & Initial/year disc - $11.50 Ornament & Name/year disc - $14.50

Wish List Ornament
Includes an aluminum disc with your child's Christmas list stamped out, a photograph of your child, and decorative accents.

Circle of Love Mother's Necklace - Single Disc Initial Pendant with Swarovski Crystals -- can stamp the backside with birthdate!, 16-18" $30.00 single stamp, $34.00 double stamp Layered Sterling Silver Disc Mother's Necklace with names, Sterling Silver Snake Chain 16-18" $30.00 Mother's Necklace - Single Disc Initial Pendant with Swarovski Birthstone - STERLING SILVER Snake Chain, 16" $32.00 Mother's Necklace - Heart Pendant with Full Name and Swarovski Birthstone - STERLING SILVER Snake Chain 16" (ORDER NOW! Only 3 left and my supplier no longer offers these amazing charms!) $27.00 Mother's Necklace - Double Disc Initial Pendants with Swarovski Birthstones - STERLING SILVER Snake Chain, 16". $35.00 Family Necklace - Single Initial Disc for Family Name with Swarovski Birthstones for each child - STERLING SILVER Snake Chain 16" $25.00-$43.00 depending on number of stones Princess Necklace - Single Initial Disc with Swarovski Birthstone/Favorite Color $25.00 (Get this on a 14" Sterling Silver Bead Chain for only $18.00!) Open Heart Charm with Sterling Silver Snake Chain 14" $17.00 16" $18.00 Sterling Silver Snake Chain with Swarovski Crystal 14" $15.00 16" $16.00 COMING SOON!! -Sterling Silver Initial Bangle Bracelets for all ages & sizes -Baby's First Christmas Ornaments (sterling silver and aluminum -- an affordable option for everyone) -Big Sister/Little Sister Necklaces -FlowerGirl/Bridesmaid Jewelry -Initial Pendants with embedded crystal -Anything you can dream of :)

HaleysMommy 09-20-2013 08:13 AM

Oops! Seconds, Discounts, and Clearance Section This listing is for pendants only. Items purchased from this section will be shipped in a small jewelry ziplock bag. You may add a jump ring, necklace, and/or stone for an additional cost. Small Swarovski crystal stones will be available embedded on the pendant itself. Coming by September 30! All pendants listed below are solid sterling silver and 1/2" in width unless otherwise noted. The color differences in the photographs are due to poor lighting.

All sterling silver is .925.

Sorry, no items are available today!

HaleysMommy 09-25-2013 08:34 AM

Re: HARLEYStripes - Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry and Gifts!

Lots of new stuff coming out in the next two weeks!!

MrsChap 09-25-2013 08:53 AM

Can I see a pic of the b and c clearance?

MrsChap 09-26-2013 03:44 PM

Thanks mama. Iwas wandering, how much the nechkace is? & are the clearance stamped with .925?

HaleysMommy 09-26-2013 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by MrsChap
Thanks mama. Iwas wandering, how much the nechkace is? & are the clearance stamped with .925?

The chains (snake chains) are $13.00 for 16" and $14.00 for 18". They are sterling silver. The close out discs pictured are all sterling silver/.925 -- it's all I use for jewelry!

Also, the tiny crystals to embed on the charms have arrived! I will be posting pictures tomorrow -- I need some sunlight to get good shots.

HaleysMommy 09-29-2013 04:58 AM

Re: Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry, Bookmarks, Ornaments, Wood Teethers -- and Gifts!

Today is picture taking day! New stuff coming out this week!

HaleysMommy 10-15-2013 09:55 AM

Re: Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry, Bookmarks, Ornaments, Wood Teethers -- and Gifts!
New items Added

HaleysMommy 10-29-2013 02:16 PM

Re: Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry, Bookmarks, Ornaments, Wood Teethers -- and Gifts!
bump. New items added!

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