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SarieQ 06-19-2006 07:59 AM

Birthing things
I saw someone mention a Hep Lock. What is a Hep Lock? I hate IVs.

For those of you that have had a episiotomy/s or ended up tearing naturally, did this happen again on subsequent births? My OB gave me an episiotomy when I had my first daughter eleven months ago, against my will, actually (I told her not to). And while it's healed alright, it still is sore from time to time if any pressure is applied against it. I am due to have a baby at any time (due August 8, but I'm on bedrest for preterm labour) and I really don't have much faith in the scar holding strong. Although, I guess I really don't have a preference regarding tearing naturally or having an episiotomy this time around. It already happened once, so, you know, whatever...

I am thinking I will likely get an epidural. I've been on either bedrest or limited activity the whole of this pregnancy and I swear every muscle in my body has atrophied. It's pretty sad. While I hate IVs, I'm guessing that it is out of the question to have an epidural without one?


foofoomomma 06-19-2006 08:03 AM

Re: Birthing things
Im not sure about the 2nd round tearing thing since Ive only had one child, however an IV is DEFINATELY required for a epidural and so is a catheter(yuck) I didnt realize the cath was required so when she brought it in I was REALLY upset...but I couldnt feel it at that point LOL (didnt ever notice anything later either)

bamamom 06-19-2006 08:07 AM

Re: Birthing things
Hep lock....a needle they put in a big vein in your arm and tape it down. leaves a vein open for emergencies, but not hooked all the time to a bag of fluid. you can walk, etc. i had one briefly for dd's birth b/c i was so dehydrated at the birth center. they ran a bag of fluid and then took it out.

tears...I tore a little at dd's birth, and they stitched it, even though I wasnt really wanting any stitches. we had a 90 min drive they thought it would be better to stitch it. It was AWFUL!! some of the stitches got embedded, and didnt dissolve. it hurt for almost two yrs.

i gave birth 21 months after her birth to my ds, and i tore a little in the same spot, but he was one of those freakish fast births where we wound up staying home and delivering him ourselves.

If someone is knowledgable, and puts really warm compresses on your perineum, massages you with olive oil, and helps you ease the baby out by blowing and not pushing like a mad woman, you should be fine.

Healing naturally/tearing naturally are far preferable to episiotomy.
Did youknow that episiotomy is the only surgical procedure done with SCISSORS instead of a scalpel. ?????? Scissors crush and maim skin...scalpels make clean incisions.

Tell them you'll sue them if they cut you...simple as that! Have someone be responsible for providing warm cloths on your bottom, and blow blow blwo. and don't lay on your back , either. that' is THE worst position to have a baby in, except for being strung up from your feet.

bfoster2000 06-19-2006 10:11 AM

Re: Birthing things
Like the PP said, the hep lock is kind of like an IV that's not hooked to anything. They can get to it quickly if they need it, but it's not in the way when they don't. I'd rather not have one, but you'll be hard pressed to find a hospital or OB that will let you get away without it. Usually it's a pretty reasonable compromise between IV and nothing. Of course, if you go with the epi, you'll have to have an IV (and a catheter like the PP mentioned).

About the epi, I'd say wait and see. I hate to hear women make up their mind that they're going to have one before they even get in there. My first son was one of those labors where no one even knew what was going on. If my water hadn't broken, he'd have been born on a toilet at work because I just thought I was constipated! I know most labors are not that easy and I do want to keep my options open, but I want to give myself every opportunity to do things as naturally as possible...know what I mean? Besides the fact that I have issues with an epidural (for me...I don't care about what anyone else does...I just had a bad spinal tap a few years ago and now I have issues with people poking needles in my spine, especially where I can't see what's going on!) I have also seen first hand how the interventions tend to snowball. For example, the epidural frequently slows or stalls your labor, which means you're more likely to need Pitocin to keep things moving. Pitocin is nasty stuff and makes the contractions far worse, even with the epi. Also, since you're numb from the epi (you hope!) it's harder to do the controlled pushing so you're more likely to tear (or have to be cut) and more likely to require forceps or vacuum. One intervention leads to for me, I'd rather not start down that road unless it's really necessary.

I did wind up having a third degree tear with my first son and I have the same concern as you about whether the scar will hold this time around. I asked my MW and she said there's no way to know. My babies will be right at 2 years apart and she said that could work for me or against me. On one hand, things are already stretched out so I might be less likely to tear, but since the scar is still somewhat fresh, it might be weaker...there's just no way to predict. She did recommend perineal massage (look it up on the can start doing it before you go into labor to help get things stretched out and ready and then she or your dh can do it while you're in labor), warm compresses, and slow controlled pushing to reduce the chances of a tear. You should do some reading about episiotomies and decide whether that's the route you want to go. With my first, I had told my OB that I did not want one but while I was pushing, I saw her grab something and I knew what she was about to do. I told her I'd rather tear than be cut and that if she cut me I'd sue her. She let me tear but she still thinks I'm crazy. Of course, I switched doctors after that whole experience anyway! :)

Good luck and hang in there!

Kimmomy2dom 06-19-2006 10:11 AM

Re: Birthing things
You have to have an IV with an epi for safety reasons to administer things. I didn't have an epi, but I did have an IV for my induction and I could share a war story but won't, LOL.
I tore REALLY badly, and sometimes wish I would have put that I wanted an episiotomy instead. I seriously think it would have done far less damage. If some of my problems continue from my tearing I'll have to have surgery, but that's not important now. I did have a friend who tore really badly with her first (apparently not to the point of how bad mine was, though) and she just had her second baby maybe 3 or 4 months ago. She said she had a little tiny tear this time, and it wasn't bad at all. So I guess it doesn't always tear again, although I have the same fear because of all the scar tissue that was left behind last time.

bfoster2000 06-19-2006 10:20 AM

Re: Birthing things

Originally Posted by Kimmomy2dom
I tore REALLY badly, and sometimes wish I would have put that I wanted an episiotomy instead. I seriously think it would have done far less damage. If some of my problems continue from my tearing I'll have to have surgery, but that's not important now. I did have a friend who tore really badly with her first (apparently not to the point of how bad mine was, though) and she just had her second baby maybe 3 or 4 months ago. She said she had a little tiny tear this time, and it wasn't bad at all. So I guess it doesn't always tear again, although I have the same fear because of all the scar tissue that was left behind last time.

I have mixed feelings on the episiotomy/tear thing. I'm glad that I have a whole lot more faith in the MW I'm using this time than the OB I used last time. I've talked about it with my MW and I trust her judgement. I think there are times when a cut is appropriate, I just think it's overused (like all the other interventions that have their place...just not for EVERY delivery!) We talked about the massage, compresses, controlled pushing, alternate positions, etc. to minimize the chances of tearing. We also discussed the fact that I would prefer a minor tear than being cut for a lot of reasons. If it comes down to it and it looks like it will be a bad tear or something, I trust her judgement if she feels that a cut would be better...I just don't want that to be the first option. I think she understands and will do what's in my best interest. I don't have nearly the same confidence in the OB I used last time!

mrs_mike98 06-19-2006 10:49 AM

Re: Birthing things
I had an episiotomy with my first and didn't tear or have another episiotomy with the next two (and #1 and #2 are 19 months apart). All three were natural births.

However, hoenstly, if you do get an epidural, it is possibly more likely that you will tear, because you will not be able to feel the amount of pressure and gauge when to lighten up on pushing. Also, you will not be able to utilize different positions that might be needed to help ease the baby out better, you'll be stuck on your back.

Kimmomy2dom 06-19-2006 10:49 AM

Re: Birthing things
LOL, I should have added there was no way the OB could have told I would have torn that badly. He was following my wishes and didn't give me an episiotomy but my son came out kinda wonky (that sounds nice, LOL) and just kinda tore through everything.
I think it depends on the baby and the situation, etc. and sometimes it's so hard to tell what will or would have happened had it gone the other way. I can tell you my friend who had her second baby - her two daughters are about 18 or less months apart. So even though she tore really badly, it seemed to hold up OK - although yours will be even closer in age!

SarieQ 06-19-2006 01:01 PM

Re: Birthing things
My first labour was pretty messed up. I consented to an epidural which lasted for about three to four hours before flittering out. I politely told the nurse several times that something was wrong -- that I was in a lot of pain, and that I could feel the stubble on my legs itching, even. She just sort of looked at me like, Yeah, Sure, Whatever, and would up the dose. However, this did nothing. The pain got worse and worse. Finally, after I'm in complete misery I tell her once more, she looks at me funny, and then looks at the machine and bumps it or rattles it or whatever, and it blinks and beeps LEAK LEAK LEAK. She looks disturbed and tries to examine the catheter. There was a kink that the machine wasn't registering and it's TOO CLOSE to birth to administer another epidural. With about three hours to go I'm completely umprepaired and distraught. Contractions get really, really painful and at some point I ask her for something for the pain. She tells me it's too late. I shoot her an accusing look. She comes back at some point and and tells me she has something for the pain and shoots it into my IV and then tells me IT'S NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO HELP WITH THE PAIN, IT'S JUST GOING TO MAKE YOU LESS LUCID. I'm absolutely let down and enraged, but in too much pain to give her a piece of my mind, so politely just sort of stare at her. Whatever she gave me made me absolutely loopy, the patterned wall paper was swirling and making all sorts of images, it was like a really bad acid trip from my teenage years. I would pass out inbetween contractions only to pop awake again and grimace when one came. It took like five minutes to communicate a single direction to my husband. The risidual effects of the epidural coupled with the narcotic made it impossible to gage how the baby had progressed in the birth canal and when it was time to push. Eventually, I remembered that I was giving birth and eventually would have to push and maybe it was a good time? I had them call the doctor and in six minutes and three pushes she was born. When they put her on my chest she looked up at me helplessly with her eyes open, and then her eyes fell shut. She was drugged too. I'm still so upset. :crying:

Kimmomy2dom 06-19-2006 02:38 PM

Re: Birthing things
Oh no! How awful! I absolutely hate it when nurses don't listen. Mine didn't believe me when I told her my son was coming out. Duh - I think I would know! I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience - I'd hate feeling like I was on an acid trip during labor - I like being in control. I hope this one goes A LOT better for you and you're able to get EVERYTHING you want!

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