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trying4more 11-06-2013 11:25 AM

No agreement on names?
What do you do when DH hates all the names you suggest, but won't offer any names?

Tris 11-06-2013 11:31 AM

Re: No agreement on names?
Keep trying. This was me and H this last babe, I kept a few of my favorites in mind, and it wasn't until after J was born that H agreed one of them totally suited him.

stevensmom 11-06-2013 11:41 AM

Exactly how dh was. Didn't want to talk names at all. Finally while I was in the hospital he threw out two names. Then after baby was born he named him. And I think it suits him well. Matthew earl. He is our gift from god and earl is a family name. His initials are MEN :giggle2:

mamaspice 11-06-2013 12:11 PM

My husbamd is like this too. We barely got DD's middle nane settled on before the birth certificate had to be submitted! In the end he was okay with what I liked.

I just keep chipping away and hoping that he'll get used to the names I like or offer his own suggestions.

We are settled on a boy name but not sure about a girl name yet! (I am due in a week.)

TikiLuCherry 11-06-2013 12:21 PM

Re: No agreement on names?
I'm not much help. I told my DH the names I wanted from the beginning, which he didn't disagree with until I was totally set on it. He didn't offer many other name (other than super trendy/popular names and I've never liked them).

So, I stuck with the names I wanted and said he'd get used to them.

When I was pg with DS, he said he would not call our son Ryder...but, he's called him Ryder as long as I remember :) So, it's also just a tactic to try to sway you from a name.

This time around it's Liam and he's ok with it. Not that I gave him a, I'm bad like that (I did compromise with my DD's first name and 9 1/2 years later, still wish I'd kept the one I had wanted instead of trying to please my ex).

Nerissa 11-06-2013 01:06 PM

Re: No agreement on names?
Keep trying. We didnt' agree on a name for our kids until in the hospital. DS#1 was about an hour after birth, DS#2 was at least a couple hours. DD was the only before birth but we were team green and didn't have a boys name.

trying4more 11-07-2013 11:56 AM

Re: No agreement on names?
He wants Desmond. Done deal. The minute I mention another name, he chucks it before I can even complete the name.

I like Adrian, Sebastian, Liam, Caleb, Malachi....He hates them all. No reason, but he just hates them.

TheCoach'sWife 11-07-2013 12:02 PM

Re: No agreement on names?
My husband and I have never agreed on any names, except when I suggested ODD's middle name be that of his mom. We had to come to an agreement in the hospital. ODD's name was suggested while I was doped up (apparently pain killers make me easier to convince). YDD's name, I pretty much demanded her first name (it's a family name) and let him pick the middle name (which I still don't like, but keep it to myself).

Kyonarai 11-09-2013 11:10 PM

Re: No agreement on names?
My DH is kind of similar, but I play a sneaky bait and switch game. We both play online video games(Everquest at the moment), so what I do is name one of my characters that I play all the time the name I'd like for a future baby, so he gets used to seeing/saying it all the time, so that way when I get pregnant and demand he talk names with me, I can easily slip the name onto the list, and since he's so used to seeing it, it sounds normal to him.

This is how I got my down to earth husband to have two children with extremely off the wall names. Casdia and Kevadi respectively.

Cashmama 11-10-2013 01:17 AM

Re: No agreement on names?
I just got on here to start the same thread! I am 29 weeks prego with our 3rd boy and DH is insisting on calling him Thor. I'm sorry--but I just can't. He also loves Edmund, but I know he'd be called Ed, which I don't like. We just can not agree! To make matters worse, our other 3 children all have C names, and neither of us can agree on any C names! Oy...what to do...

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