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Sarah2000 06-19-2006 10:32 AM

DD is not gaining enough weight!
I am so frustrated, my DD who is 5 months old refuses to eat. She has reflux and a milk protein allergy. Both of the twins are formula fed - I do not produce enough milk to bf. Any how we have tried so many formulas and right now she is on a prescription formula which costs $45 a can thank god for insurance by the way and she is on prilosec for the reflux. But she is still not gaining/eating enough she will only take in 18oz a day. Does anybody have experience with this?

greenkmt 06-19-2006 10:39 AM

Re: DD is not gaining enough weight!
Who is she not gaining enough to you or your Dr. My thought is just that you might be comparing her to her brother as far a weight gain? Just wondering.

Lucky Child 06-19-2006 10:40 AM

Re: DD is not gaining enough weight!
When you say not gaining enough weight? Can you give her stats for gaining/not gaining? I have a daughter who is VERY slow to gain weight and we may have had the same experience in some respects... she was refluxy as well...

nothing_butt_cloth 06-19-2006 10:41 AM

Re: DD is not gaining enough weight!
I have had 2 dd's that were failure to thrive. Both were tiny. ( one still is) we must remember that all babies grow at different rates. My yongest dd was an inch below the growth chart fora bout 7 months. and now at 2 years is only like 5% for height.
But she stayed on target for development, she didnt eat muc, but she didnt cry like she was hungry either. she didnt gain wt, but most of the time at her check ups she grew in length.
I have been on this FTT journey for over 4 years between the 2 kids. It is so scary. My older ftt baby was hopsptialised 4 times in teh first year. Scary times. but now she is 4 and bigger than my 5 yo.

trust your gut. if you relly feel it is a major issue, then seek it out. but if you feel she is just emant to be smaller, then go with that. moms instinct is more powerful than many think.

I also have a 5 yo on prevacid for GERD. We got her wt gain issues under control when she was about 6 months old. The reflux becomes a bit less when they start sitting up, then lessens again when they start walking. ( the whole gravity thing)

hang in there mama.
I am sure my story did no good, but i was trying ot say i have been there.. and now we are on the other side.

Sarah2000 06-19-2006 11:14 AM

Re: DD is not gaining enough weight!
We see a GI specialist she said that DD is not gaining enough weight. She weighs 12lbs12oz 1 month ago she was 12.2 so she gained 10 oz in 3.5 weeks and the specialist said it wasn't enough. The babies were good sized when they were born DD was 6.3 and Ds was 6.1. This is so rough I just can't get her to eat. Her hair is falling out I think just frombeing an infant at least I hope so everybody tells me it is normal for her hair to be falling out at least!

nothing_butt_cloth 06-19-2006 11:27 AM

Re: DD is not gaining enough weight!
I always thought hte rule of thumb was double the weight in 6 months triple by a year...

At least that is what i was taught and if that is true, then she is on target

I really dont like GI docs. i had one that had my so convinced my daughter was going ot die if i didnt do a 5 thousand dollar surgery. I talked to my ped ( who i adore) and she told me to go with my gut. at 6 months my yountest was about 10 lbs. and she was 6.5 at birth. she is 2 and is perfectly fine

I belive there has to be smaller kids, and there has to be bigger kids in order to have an average. I myself was bigger kid and my borthers were smaller. but no one tought there was anything wrong with them,

hang in there mama, i know this is SOOO tough, but by her weight she is doing great, especially for having severe reflux!!:2cents:

mommypooh 06-19-2006 11:34 AM

Re: DD is not gaining enough weight!
She sounds like my DD and the way she gained weight my DD also had reflux but was BF. I was always fighting a Doc about her weight. SHe is 3 now and only weighs about 30#. I say she is doing fine, she is gaining and that is what matters. SHe sounds like it is on a steady growth curve so I wouldn't be too worried I would ask the doc to show you charts and what the big deal is and get them to show you hard facts. Children will only eat if they are hungry. one other thing how is she developmently? is she hitting her mile stones when she should?

CarrieMF 06-19-2006 12:28 PM

Re: DD is not gaining enough weight!
She sounds fine to me. My youngest had reflux and dairy issues. She was 6lbs 5oz at birth, at 4months she was 11lbs 8oz. At 6months 12lbs 10oz. 1 year 16lbs 2oz. On a GOOD WEEK she gained 2oz, she would have never gained 10oz in 3.5 weeks. She is 4 now and 32lbs. The only time she had a weight gain that was satisfactory to the dr's was her first week, however that was 2 different scales in 2 different buildings.

SandyG 06-19-2006 02:12 PM

Re: DD is not gaining enough weight!
sorry got no clue
ive got a 3yr old and is 27lbs. no doc has said to be worried
:hugs: though

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