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abunchoflemons 11-18-2013 01:36 AM

Swagbucks Thread Nov. 18-24 (Week 3)
Welcome all newbies, to help you get started check out Swagbucks 101 check out links below.

The best tip is to follow this thread. The ladies here are great at spotting good special offers.

Our screen name thread to help get you your 1000 hourly bonus

Info on apps blog link:

General mobile site
android specific
Iphone specific

Screenshots of encrave & jun on what to look for for newbies looking for them

Screen pics of how to run loop on entertanow app but same for sbtv mobile app

sb mobile link:

1. Install the toolbar and use it for all searching. You should get at least two 7+sb wins/day plus 1 for tool bar use. Also check for a code on the toolbar every hour or so if you're on the computer.
2. Do the daily poll and noso for 3 more. Use google chrome/firefox and sometimes you will get bonus videos after the poll that can add up (jun videos).
3. Many of us get a lot of our sb through surveys. After some time you get pretty efficient and you will qualify for more. Fill out your survey profiles in trusted surveys and in your account settings.
4. Try to make goal daily. Not only do you get bonuses around the 5th of the month for last month's goals, but you push yourself to get the minimum instead of giving up.
5. Run sbtv mobile on your phone, ipad or iPod for 50 sb/day. It's usually little effort and that adds up to $15/month.
(50 total if you sign so up for an accout). check out next 2 posts for the list of short videos on apps.
6. If you can do en as it is up to 120/day. Apps get you 170/day with sometimes minimal effort.
7. Sign your dh/so up for an account, and repeat steps 1-5. preferably as your referral.

1. JUN videos - These will sometimes come up attached to the daily poll or under your ledger or checking your inbox. Watch a video and earn 2 sb. There is a "watch another video" button at the bottom of the video window, click that after every video until it says there are no more.

And common shorthand:
Agc - Amazon gift card
Ts - trusted surveys
So - special offers
Tp - trial pay
Pl - peanut labs
Pw - payment wall
Ro /r1-radium one
Sp -sponsor pay
Sbtv- swagbucks tv
Sbtv mobile - sbtv app
EnteraiNow/ en - entertaNow adroid app
Inbox your sb inbox (envelope at the top)
encrave- encrave acitivity (50+/day)
sb mobile -the sb mobile app (website in app form)

abunchoflemons 11-18-2013 01:39 AM

Re: Swagbucks Thread Nov. 18-24 (Week 3)
Here are the videos that are short. I like linking the new thread.

ok update as some I put in wrong spot...on videos for en ok gals here;s the special allotted 15sec or so videos (touch is 10 and I don't remember the 16 sec one) rest are 15

the modern family. 2 boondocks, horror story

paper chasing
bloodlines (I think it is)
my idiot brother
dragon (both)
titanic seasons/series
family guy volume 10
It is always sunny in Philly ( I shortened to Philly)(there are a few of these now)
the darkest hour (one of them with the crowd of people)
brideshead revisited
glee complete 3rd season (brown headed gal in pic)
modern family
who is paul?( I phone is screwy but they could be)
Les Miserables
2 boondock nda the others I said if there were others....

~30 seconds:
straw dogs

and a good chunk of others. Only few that are 1-2 minutes

sbtv mobile:

coco cola
vac vs (whatever it is as I am going blank)
the fly to LA
toasters jokey joke
grant knock knock
drink name
chicken or beef
guy one-snoop dog
father role model
leper hockey
Snowmen (I think someone said)
dogs and wives
school crush
legs and lettuce
sky diving
seeing eye dog
no fear
what happens in NYC
pulled over (by the same guy as the sky diving)
toothless bear
most of the light bulb ones

less than 45sec:

sick wife

funny but longer:

irish bar fight
the one about marriage
old guys

abunchoflemons 11-18-2013 01:49 AM

Re: Swagbucks Thread Nov. 18-24 (Week 3)
search win

RedSoxLover 11-18-2013 05:30 AM

Re: Swagbucks Thread Nov. 18-24 (Week 3)
Goals are 100/250 today

ambieone 11-18-2013 05:36 AM

Re: Swagbucks Thread Nov. 18-24 (Week 3)
Anyone else's goal shoot up? Mine are 100/540!! My second goal was 460 yesterday...not sure why it went up so high :banghead: Hopefully surveys will be nice to me today and I'll make it but then I'm afraid of what tomorrows goal will be.

ambieone 11-18-2013 05:42 AM

Re: Swagbucks Thread Nov. 18-24 (Week 3)
These quotes are from last weeks thread but I wanted to respond:


Originally Posted by tallanvor (Post 17065140)
Did I see Visa gift cards? I thought I did, but maybe I'm thinking of MyPoints.

nope, I just checked


Originally Posted by TheCoach'sWife (Post 17065074)
Get PayPal and order a PayPal debit card. 1% cash back too.

that's an option.....but the only problem is I'll be using some of my swagbucks for other gift cards for people for Christmas, so I won't have much time to save up. And I really don't want another card to carry around.

We have a BUNCH of credit card points.....I know they don't have Disney gift cards but we could cash the points in for cash. Also I went through my USAA's version of shop and earn to buy our plane tickets, so I should be getting about 2400 more points for that purchase.

MrzP427 11-18-2013 06:05 AM

Re: Swagbucks Thread Nov. 18-24 (Week 3)
Woke up to a Goal of 100/120 after getting 650 yesterday so I dont know if it was that but I'll take it. I havent even been up a whole hour and I already reached both Goals by doing the Julep Mavens offer for 500 (needed it for a christmas gift anyways), it credited instantly. I will be running SBTV mobile and trying to get some surveys once I get back from taking DD1 to school. I wish my Google Chrome worked so I could work on DH's but my computer wont load it.

fluffybumaddict 11-18-2013 06:28 AM

Re: Swagbucks Thread Nov. 18-24 (Week 3)
100/480 today, we'll see if I can manage to get second goal. Yesterday I got 420 on the dot and that last 50 took me forever.

mariposablue 11-18-2013 06:37 AM

Re: Swagbucks Thread Nov. 18-24 (Week 3)
100/200 today and no PL surveys available.

SO in PL for 11 - "like" le cresuet (sp?) on FB. I did enter e-mail for the prize and it credited.

hbee 11-18-2013 06:40 AM

Re: Swagbucks Thread Nov. 18-24 (Week 3)
40/100 today. It's the highest it's been yet. I'm curious to see whether I'll get the crazy high goals or not since I've been sticking to just over the second goal.

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