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Mama*Kim 02-18-2014 11:02 AM

Meet the baby party
My grandmother (who is usually aloof and not particularly involved in anything her grand kids do) suggested to my mom last week that they throw me a shower. This is the same woman who happened to come into town the day DS1 was born and didn't feel like coming to the hospital. She lives locally now. We don't need anything as this is our third boy. So I suggested to my mom that they consider a "meet the baby" party instead. My mom and grandma seemed to like the idea, but since none of us have ever even been to one, they're not sure what to do. What's the protocol? And mind you, my grandmother is pretty traditional.

Do they just wait until Baby is born and send out invitations immediately after? How soon after Baby is born do these typically take place? Are these usually as "formal" as baby showers? My SIL suggested asking guests to bring frozen meals, but if the party isn't until a month or more after Baby comes, we'll be passed the window where the frozen meals were most helpful last time (not that they wouldn't be appreciated, of course), but I'm wondering if it's worth including the request in the invitation or if it's just something to bring up if people ask about gift suggestions.

I know, I need to just step back and let them do the hosting, but none of them have ever been to a party like this before either.

crowbabies 02-18-2014 01:59 PM

I've been to one. It was really just a nice get together where nice finger foods and desserts were served. People also brought small gifts like an outfit or pack of diapers. Most people held and took a picture with the baby. It was three weeks or a month old.

Ber10512 02-18-2014 02:12 PM

I want to do this in place of a baby shower, too. I say since the majority of your guests probably haven't even heard of a meet the baby party, anything goes! We're planning on a couples BBQ with lawn games.

A&M'smommy 02-18-2014 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by Ber10512 (Post 17251049)
I want to do this in place of a baby shower, too. I say since the majority of your guests probably haven't even heard of a meet the baby party, anything goes! We're planning on a couples BBQ with lawn games.

This exactly...
We have never been to a meet the baby party before either... but we are having one... lol. No one has ever offered to throw me a shower.. so this being our 3rd baby and team green I decided a meet the baby bbq was the way to go! That way we can invite friends and family over to bbq and just let everyone meet the baby. I know ill have friends that will want to bring gifts and that's ok but I'm not mentioning it at all! We are due end of may so its perfect bbq time! Plus we have bbqs pretty regularly at our house all summer long... lots of invitations I have found are called sip and sees. We are thinking about 3-4 weeks after baby is born also!

Here is some ideas on sip and see partys..

stevensmom 02-18-2014 04:30 PM

Re: Meet the baby party
We had one for ds1. Well actually my mil had planned a baby shower on December 2nd. I was due December 12th. Ds decided to come 12 days early. So my mil had to cancel the shower and she rescheduled it for when ds was a month old.

I have hosted a few of them for friends. I schedule them for about a month after baby's due date. Gives mom and baby a chance to relax

MsGiggles 02-18-2014 05:31 PM

Re: Meet the baby party
I've been to a couple - one was scheduled before baby was born, about 2wks after the due date, and seemed to go over well. The other two I can't recall if they were last minute or what? But we got to meet babe within the first month.

They had cute/simple shower games, some appies, and gifts for baby & mommy, including frozen meals. About half the people brought frozen meals or baked treats (that could be frozen), along with a small gift or contribution to a bigger gift.

Favorite gift ideas: giftcards to toyrsus to go towards bigger/later purchases, housecleaning services, massage for mom, giftcards for delivery places, and little craft kits for the big sisters/brothers.

Have fun - make sure the hosts (your mom & grandma - NOT YOU) do the cleaning & food prep that day :) You go hide in your tub & relax!

Mama*Kim 02-18-2014 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by MsGiggles
Have fun - make sure the hosts (your mom & grandma - NOT YOU) do the cleaning & food prep that day :) You go hide in your tub & relax!

I already told my mom they're throwing it at one of their houses. I am NOT good at stepping back. I was cooking dinner for guests five days after a csection with DS2. There's no way I could have a party at my house without taking over. My grandmother loves to be the perfect hostess, so leaving it in her hands will be fine. They're just not sure what a "meet the baby party" usually entails. Then again, neither do I!

g-offsmommy 02-20-2014 07:59 PM

Re: Meet the baby party
I've only ever been to one and it was a "sip and see", baby was about 2-3 weeks old (definitely less than a month). It was drop-in style and very casual. Just some finger foods and drinks and a chance to see the baby. Drop-in style worked well because everyone didn't all show up at the same time wanting to hold the baby. No one suggested gifts, but I think if it's done early enough, the idea of freezer meals in lieu of a gift is a great one!

chamise 02-20-2014 10:04 PM

Depends. In my culture we don't do baby showers. After baby is one month old is when we have our meet the baby. We sent out invitations after baby was home and we had settled. We served finger foods and BBQ an kept it casual.

We received a few gifts and a monetary funds (as is tradition) but we never asked for it. It was fun and a rest chance for everyone to see the little one.

Ducko 02-21-2014 09:25 PM

Re: Meet the baby party
Going to one tomorrow. It's her third boy. It's a full formal luncheon at a hotel with the mother's girlfriends...invitation said "no gifts, but if you feel inclined wipes, diapers, etc would be appreciated." I got baby wash clothes, rubber ducky, baby wash, and bamboo wipes. (She does cloth diaper once her babies are 2-3 months old so I know that wipes will work).

I've been to ones that are informal like just family in the backyard having BBQ. To ones that are just like a shower with games (a little more baby count candies in a bottle, nursery rhymes). Some do gifts, some don't. Some alternative ideas at them in lieu of gifts were "fill the baby's piggy bank" there was a piggy bank as the table center piece or "add to our child's library" asking to bring children's books/children's music. I loved the Children's Book one. They had so many great children's books. The grandparents/family members had wonderful special stories about why they picked the books they did (normally it was the Mother or Father's favorite when they were little).

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