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tanyaandallie 06-21-2006 02:46 PM

Anyone have a child with food allergies?
My 3 year old had an allergy test (immunocap blood test) last week. Here results came back and show she is allergic to wheat, milk and egg whites. I'm so unsure how to proceed. I have read some people say that this test is not that accurate but some say it is more accurate. Anyways, just wondering if anyone else has put a child this old on an elimination diet. I have no idea how to eliminate all of this. I was dairy free for 6 mos b/c of a suspected milk allergy in my son but dairy, wheat and egg will be tough.

Anyone else have this issue? Anyone know any good websites to visit?

Sarah2000 06-21-2006 03:02 PM

Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?
I happen to be allergic to eggs and am lactose intolerant, also have a tomatoe allergy. Any how it is really hard to eliminate these things from diets especially eggs because they in are everything - lets see for milk rice milk is what I would do, I am sensitive to soy so I do not do soy milk. Wheat is also very hard to eliminate but can be done for instance there are bread stores here where I live that have gluten free breads for those with wheat allergies.
My DD has a milk protein allergy but is not old enough for solids yet so I have not explored any routes with her yet.
I have not found any websites that really help. I have to read labels carefully and make sure that there are not these items in the ingrediants. I have to make most of our food at home since it is so hard to get restaturants and fast foods places to tell you all the ingrediants in their foods!
Sorry I could not be more help but it is rough trying to find stuff to make to eat when allergies are involved!

weddell 06-22-2006 11:58 AM

Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?
My dd, nine months, went to the allergist on Tuesday. She had had a previous relatively mild reaction to dairy and a scary (face and lips swelling) reaction to something in hummus. The allergist tested her for several allergies and she came up positive for milk, eggs, and sesame. My dh is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and fish so we were on the lookout for allergies in DD. The sesame is what caused the reaction in the hummus. We have an epi pen in case of severe hives or ANY swelling from food. The dr said that she would probably grow out of the milk and eggs, but not the sesame. She goes back in a year to be retested. She is still breastfeeding, so now I'm supposed to avoid dairy because the milk proteins pass into breastmilk. I was already vegetarian, so now without dairy, it looks like I'm becoming vegan! DH is not trilled with that, but he will adjust. DD eats limited solids so avoiding foods won't be hard for now, but when she weans it will be hard! Especially since we already have to avoid so much for dh. I'd love to have others to talk with about allergies!

keegans_mommy 06-22-2006 12:19 PM

Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?
My oldest son is allergict to milk, moved to soy and then it was suggested that soy is linked to cancer so we are using rice milk with him now. That isn't so difficult there. ;)

Now, my oldest daughter has a sensitivity to wheat and that one has proven to be difficult. Wheat is in everything, even hot dogs! :banghead: She doesn't have life threatening reactions but behavior reations that cause other issues in the family. So she doesn't get wheat products very often. It's Quinoa, rice and corn bases products for breads, cereals and pasta's.

Just read, read, read your labels! Every last one of them. Remembering that if your milk sensitivity is severe, that dairy/milk has many different names in labels. Learn what they are so that you can identify them.

Good luck!

weddell 06-22-2006 12:28 PM

Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?
DD is asleep now so I will try and add more. The allergist wanted us to join the food allergy network (google it and you will find it). They have a newsletter and sell several allergy cookbooks. You might look through their books to find ideas. They also list substitutes for eggs in cooking.

Wheat is going to be hard. You should be able to find wheat free pastas at a health food store like Whole Foods. I think that the king arthur flour catalog sells wheat free cake and cookie mixes and I'm sure they can be made dairy and egg free as well.

I bought some soy milk, but if you are going to be drinking it long term, you might want to look into getting a soy milk maker. (you can make soy milk without one but it is a lot of work) but the makers are kind of expensive. You can make soy yogurt from soy milk (google soy yogurt recipe). You can buy soy yogurt but it is expensive.

Look online for vegan recipes as those will be dairy and egg free. Just find ones that also don't use wheat.

Hope this helps!

childers521 06-22-2006 12:31 PM

Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?
My kids all were/ are allergic to dairy as babies, the youngest is still allergic and still nursing so I have been dairy free for over 13 months now. I substitute soy or goat milk (the protiens are different so goat milk products don't cause a reaction) it is difficult until you get in the habit of reading labels religously. Make sure you educate yourself on all the different names for milk derivatives, they are in a LOT of places you wouldn't expect. I have found it helpful occasionally to e-mail a manufacturer of a product if I have any questions about ingredients.

This website might be helpful for you


meemo96 06-25-2006 07:49 PM

Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?
My dd is 14 mos and is allergic to dairy and eggs. The pediatrician recommended soy, which gave her the runs, so we're on rice milk now. My only concern with that is that it has so much sugar in it...the doc wasn't concerned, so I won't be, either...

My sis is a ped. nurse practitioner and she said that for dairy allergies, the kids usually outgrow at either 2, 4, or puberty. Hang in there...I know it's hard to come up with things to eat...and if there is by chance a reaction, benadryl is always handy! (we have bottles at home and in her diaper bag...never know when you need it!)

Manna00 06-26-2006 12:56 AM

Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?
I don't have experience with my children having allergies (gotta have a kiddo first!)... but, in the last 3 years my husband has become allergic to chicken, chicken broth and eggs. Let's just say... we eat a lot of fish around here :) He wasn't allergic to any of those things growing up. And, oddly enough... the chicken allergy came first and now the egg allergy is developing (he gets "puffy lips" and his throat swells... NOT fun).... just something to keep an eye out for! Yes... people really can become allergic to chicken!

GracieGooseSC 07-06-2006 08:00 PM

Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?
My two year old is lactose intolarant, and when she was a baby she couldn'tave anything made with milk, none of the Gerber baby food dessert, goldfish crackers she got older cheese and things made with milk didn't bother her, I guess this is because the enzymes in cheese are more broken down. While I breastfed the milk I drank didn't bother her, but when we switched to formula we used Enfamil Lactose Free, or the Parent's Choice Lactose Free (which is exactly the same we read all the ingredients, it's at Walmart for half the price) Similac Lactose free is also good (we used that with our second daughter) although it has more table sugar added for taste. If your son is allergic to all these things he may need Similac Alimentum it's a Hypoallergenic formula. Anyway, I'm going on and on about formula and don't even know if he's on it. My daughter at the age of one went to Lactaid brand whole milk and has done well on that. We are currently in the process of switching her to regular milk and we are using Horizon Organic milk, she is doing much better on this that the non organic. I've also heard children who are Lactose intolerant do well and can tolerate raw milk, though I don't know much about it. Hope this helps!:goodvibes:

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