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~Bug~ 06-10-2007 08:56 PM

Anyone have a child who never comfort nurses?
Since day 1 DD has had a strong desire to suck so I gave her a binky. (My nipples hurt like $#%# and I had to!)

Now when she nurses, she's done when she's done and wants the binky, even if I'm empty and she's no longer getting milk. If she's not really hungry and I offer the breast she throws her head back in protest.

She's not nursing well right now and I'm worried about my milk supply. For the life of me I can't get her to at least "comfort nurse." Anyone else have a baby like this?

GraemesMomma 06-10-2007 09:03 PM

Re: Anyone have a child who never comfort nurses?
Yes! Same thing. Actually, the hospital gave him a binkie overnight when I was recovering from my emergency CS...I wasn't really planning on it, but saw he enjoyed the "non-nutritive" sucking. So anyways, yes, if he is done eating, he usually doesn't want to just suck at the breast, he'd rather take the paci. I can totally tell a difference between his desire for the breast/desire for the paci.

Not sure that it's affected my supply, though. I'm sorry :hugs: I hope it doesn't start affecting it. He's only 2months! I'll be reading this post to see what others have to say. Good luck, mama!

-ashley- 06-10-2007 09:13 PM

Re: Anyone have a child who never comfort nurses?
I gave Braelynn a paci myself at a few days old...she wanted to e latched to me every second of the day! But at two months she found her thumb and never took a paci again. She only sucks her thumb to go to bed right now, and {knock on wood} hopefully it will stay that way.....BUT to answer your question...I think it may just be this age. Braelynn started doing that at about 6months, I would want to nurse her just because I wanted to, and she would push my chest away and turn her head the other way. I just follow her cues now. She's 7months old and only nurses when she wakes up in the AM, after lunch, before bed in the PM, and once or twice through the night. BUT if she gets scared she throws her face into my shirt and trys to pull it down to get to a nipple!!! (i wear lowcut shirts so I pull the neck down istead of lifting the shirt form the bottom) Soooo I consider that comfort nursing, it's jsut that she's getting older and doens't need as muchh or the same type of comfort as before.

Mommy2LivandNoah 06-10-2007 09:22 PM

Re: Anyone have a child who never comfort nurses?
My son is the same way...when he's done he will come off and not go back on for very occasionally he'll fall asleep "nursing"..but thats rare...My milk hasn't been hopefully yours won't be long as she's draining them they will replenish..:)

ommelissa 06-10-2007 09:26 PM

Re: Anyone have a child who never comfort nurses?
yeah, neither of my two boys wanted to comfort nurse! it's very irritating, but i offered my index finger curled up toward the roof of the mouth. eventually they both learned to comfort at the breast. every baby is different! good luck, mama!

~Bug~ 06-10-2007 09:36 PM

Re: Anyone have a child who never comfort nurses?
Her lack of comfort nursing hasn't affected my supply in the past. She's just not nursing well at all right now and that is affecting my supply. I wish she would at least comfort nurse b/c my supply is diminishing quickly. (see my post in this thread)

Today I was waiting in line for one of two nursing rocking chairs at church (I wanted a comfy one :blush: ) and a mother came in with her 8-ish month old, saw the line and said her baby just wanted it for comfort so she wasn't going to wait in line.

It just got me thinking... What would that be like? A baby who finds comfort nursing? Not mine... my breasts are only good for eatin' and she doesn't even want them around if she's not hungry. :giggle:

Rhianna'sMommy 06-11-2007 06:46 AM

Re: Anyone have a child who never comfort nurses?
DD never liked comfort nursing. She had a very strong suck and would always get milk if she was at the breast and would get so mad when she was done eating and just wanted to suck. We finally gave her a binkie at about a week old and it made all the difference. I never had supply issues - well with it being too low - too much milk had a tendoncy to be more my issue. Around a year dd went through a phase where she would want to comfort nurse occationally but it only lasted a week or two and then she went back to only going to the breast to eat and using her binkie any other time.

mommy21princess 06-11-2007 07:30 AM

Re: Anyone have a child who never comfort nurses?
My dd is the SAME way. Now at 21 months she comfort nurses EVERY now and then but WAY more than she ever did as an infant. She too sucks on her fingers. She did with the paci in the begining but it always messed up our latch and we took it away. Then she never wanted it. It does make me sad that she won't nurse when she's upset or hurt but at the same time she's a very independent baby. I guess it really is all in their personalities.

I'd def. try to get her sucking more in the night and maybe during baths if that would be possible to hlep your supply. Also you could try pumping a few times a day. I started feeling like my supply was getting low but I think it was just regulating and I couldn't tell how much I had anymore, KWIM? Good luck!

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