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momto3under2 06-11-2007 10:58 AM

Help quickly please- Poo issue
Please tell me to calm down, I am really freaking out right now and about to call the dr.

dd has been having strange poos recently. She is 8 months and is not eating any solids yet, no formula either. Her poos have been extremely thick and formed they look really stringy and greasy too. She goes about once a week which I know can be normal for bf babies. And they smell something awful. This just started within the past month or so. I haven't been eating any differently since they were born. WTHeck could it be?

Thank you!

ebutterfly782 06-11-2007 01:12 PM

Re: Help quickly please- Poo issue
I don't know what it could be. DD's didn't change until she started some solids.

ArtTime 06-11-2007 01:28 PM

Re: Help quickly please- Poo issue
My son had a runny nose (which I thought was teething...around 7months) and he had stringy poo. I thought it was odd and took him in. He also had random temperatures that were low grade that I also thought was teething. It turned out that he just had a cold and he was swallowing the mucus and pooing it out:yuck: .

It is possible that is happening...I hope if gets back to normal for you soon!

ommelissa 06-11-2007 01:31 PM

Re: Help quickly please- Poo issue
sounds like mucus, mom. any sinus drainage? also, my ds had somrthing like that while teething. any teeth yet?

Trish_Berger 06-11-2007 01:41 PM

Re: Help quickly please- Poo issue
I had that issue with all four of my kids! It turned out they all would get full of mucous when they teethed. I found that teething changed the digestive enzymes in the stomach, so they had the greasy, stringy thing for a few weeks.

Shouldn't be much more to worry about unless there is a lot of vomiting or any other strange symptoms... I ended up being allergic to my mother's milk after 4 months... raised on goat's milk:lostit:

I hope it goes a lot better!


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Missah78 06-11-2007 09:45 PM

Re: Help quickly please- Poo issue
OMG my 3 month old has poop like this. I really hope she's not teething yet. she's not sick I just chocked i tup to weird.

momto3under2 06-12-2007 01:30 AM

Re: Help quickly please- Poo issue
Thanks mamas! I tink it might be teething, they both have been awful drooly lately! I didn't even think about that.

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