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johnsangel 06-11-2007 07:33 PM

Help! My DS has started biting!!
Hi mamas,

I have already asked DS's pediatrician about this, but wanted some more tips or tricks any of you mamas may have to deal with this problem!

DS has just gotten his 2 bottom teeth in... they haven't been "in" (where they finally cut through the gum) but a few days - and he has started nipping me with them! A couple of times, they were really pretty good bites!! :blush: The ONLY thing I have been able to guess at so far by his timing is that I think he's doing it when the breast is empty! (?) Please, mamas, if you have dealt with this before, I'd love to hear from you on how I can get him to stop! He is 7 months old now, and though I think he understands "No" to an extent, he still does it! Not every feeding, but let's face it, once is more than enough!! (Ouch!!) :banghead: His doc said to tell him "No!" firmly, and end the feeding... that's all I've tried thus far. Thanks in advance!! :goodvibes:

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