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TaivensMama 06-22-2006 10:22 AM

What to do?
Well, I Nanny for Ava whom I cloth diaper. Her mom does not cloth diaper her, but everyday I send her home in cloth. The diapers come back washed and dried from her mom that she wears home. I have no idea what she is using when she washes them but they have tons of smell to them, like perfume. So should I just tell her a) to wash them with detergent with no perfumes or softeners and she can choose to dry them or not b) bring them back to me soiled so I can wash them myself c) ask her to bring a sposie and send her home in one so she doesn't have to deal with cloth.......she about died because Ava had a poop in cloth last night and she was like man I don't know how you do cloth!..she pooped last night (but its oly BF poop, that doesn't even smell, I don't even get grossed out and she isn't even MY baby, that was odd to me) but also she at times let the stash build up and I can only wash and line dry the dipes...she brought back 4 diapers today which means a LARGE part of my stash was gone and if I wait for her to wash or for her to bring them back I will be using the dipes with covers, as I only made enough for 2 days of pockets or AIO's...I am too busy to make her anymore right now, but I also don't like using diapers and covers as her clothes are really for a sposie baby...she usually ends up going pantless or I change her into a dress or something haha...her mom has already gone up a size in clothing to accomodate cloth for us but with a diaper and cover it is still pretty impossible to get her comfortable in her slim clothing as she is a CHUNKSTER as it is...anyhow...any advice or :2cents: would be great right now...

nikolaki 06-22-2006 10:39 AM

Re: What to do?
Honestly, I would just send her home in a sposie.

Termie 06-22-2006 10:49 AM

Re: What to do?
yeah I would do the laundry on them myself and send her home in a sposie. That way you keep tabs on the stash and you know they are being washed properly.

Does she have a "cheat sheet" of how to wash and dry cloth?

I'm impressed that as a nanny she comes to you and not vice versa and that the mom lets you choose her diapering! (I nannied for 4 yrs as a live out that went to their house every M-F)

bethanyjoy 06-22-2006 10:54 AM

Re: What to do?
I agree...LOL Send her home in keep the stash where you need it and can wash it appropriately.

TaivensMama 06-22-2006 10:57 AM

Re: What to do?
yah that is why I responded to this job, I wasn't even planning on working but this said stay at home mom to nanny for my 4 month old in your home or mine...I was all over it...although the drawbacks are I have minimal baby items here, her mom brought me a bed, bouncer and we share the car seat but I need more!!!!! yet I can't afford to get her things , and the things I want to get her, mom won't let a saucer she associates them with a walker because she has not researched them yet and feels they might be unsafe and wants to hold off on things like that .... but I am sorry she is very heavy, and hates her bouncy and will NEVER let me put her down....she cat naps all day never long naps so I am stuck peeing with her in my arms!!!!!!! She loves her swing and johnny jumper at home but her mom only has her like 2 hours a day and keeps all those things there ...

ramoth7 06-22-2006 11:05 AM

Re: What to do?
I have to say, you are the nanny and what mom says goes... (sorry please don't flame me). At my new daycare (Jack starts in August) they have mobile walkers and I am not going to let Jack go in those... the stationary ones are fine. Each mom has her quirks, some would consider us insane for cloth diapering! So if you can, try to respect her choices for her baby... I think it would break my heart to hear my nanny mention that I only got my son for 2 hours a day... :( It's hard enough that I have to go back to work in 2 months.

You are the one who wants cloth (yay for this baby) so have mom bring in a pack of 'sposies and then send her home in one every day. I'd just tell her that you think it might be easier for you both. Then you have complete control of your stash.

myajdw 06-22-2006 11:09 AM

Re: What to do?
hmmm....yeah that's strange that she has her only 2 hours a day and wants to keep those things at home. it would be much more convientent for you to have them since you have her so much more. but she did pay for them. still a big hassle to you to have to hold her so much. but anyhow, yes i would send her home in a sposie as awful as that is! you need the stash there, and you're going to have to strip the dipes repeatedly if she continues to wash them improperly. or she can just bring the soiled dipe with her the next morning.
i also don't understand why she won't just look at the stationary playcenters...she lets her daughter in a johnny jump up but not a stationary playcenter, that's weird to me.

Hillbilly Bunny 06-22-2006 11:20 AM

Re: What to do?
Give her a wetbag and tell her to put the dirty in that and bring it back to you ;)

TaivensMama 06-22-2006 11:26 AM

Re: What to do?
I AM respecting her wishes I am NOT using things she doesn't want me to use all I am saying is I would like SOMETHING to put her in instead of holding her for 10 hours a day....or hearing blood curtling screams....I asked if I could buy her a saucer or walker adn she said no, that she has not looked into the staitionary walkers yet and that rolling walkers are so unsafe they should be outlawed...she said she doesn't want her growing up too quick either...I just don;t want to invest in something like a swing when she is already close to the limits age and weight wise and the only other thing I can think of is a saucer...any other ideas?? her mom uses a bumbo at home and the jumper but will not allow anyone else to use them....anyhow, I think I will send her home in Spozies from now on to avoid leaks and what not....I find it strange too she had things to say about how unsafe walkers are but uses a jonny jumper, but again she is the mother and can use whatever she wants...with proper supervision ... Don't get me wrong I really like her mom and we get along great, very open communication and all that...but I am in some serious need of relief from either constant holding or constant crying...she is sooooo trained to cry that if I so much as SIT DOWN while holding her she SCREAMS... I am slowly training her to not be so needy, and I love holding her, I don't even have a stroller for her, but I also need time to at least go to the bathroom or prepare her bottles without her in my arms...I am sure this stage will pass as soon as she becomes mobile, but she doesn't appear to be mobile anytime she is not sitting alone and can only roll one way...Which I love that she can stay put for the most part, but doesn't really matter if I can't put her down!! hehe

myajdw 06-22-2006 11:40 AM

Re: What to do?
i can't really think of anything but the saucer either. maybe a high chair with a toy bar? it would be something to give you temporary breaks....i don't think mom would go for that either though lol. i really wish she would look into the saucer though, it'd be great for you and it'd be nice for ava as well. as nicely as you can tell mom, "i really would appreciate it if you would at least go with me and look at a few saucers and see what you think. i understand you don't like rolling walkers but these are NOT walkers, they are stationary activity centers. i love ava very much but it's killing my back to hold her all day long and i feel the center would be a great advantage for me and ava. i could do small tasks (name a few quick ones) and she can learn to entertain herself." if her mom likes baby einstein things, mention the fact that they have a baby einstein center or something. going to a store together to see one and even her being able to put ava in one at the store and see how much she likes it (i'm sure she will) may really be helpful to build your case.
i've rambled enough now....also what the heck is a bumbo?

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