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MamaLove 06-14-2007 07:35 PM

Prayers needed for a shaken baby
I got this message on my space. I don't know the family, but they seem just like any of us. The power of prayer can bring miracles, so, maybe we can help this little one, and spread the word to not shake babies. :pray:


Kristy Reynolds and her husband are parents to a beautiful little baby boy named Kaleb. He is 6 months and 3 days old. A couple weeks ago Kristy picked Kaleb up from home care and noticed something was wrong. She immediately took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome. He now has meningitis in response the the surgeries on his brain, his body can't regulate his temperature, his heart rate drops every time he is moved, and he has seizures. He is also blind. His sitter shook him so hard that he is in a coma, had to have spinal fluid drained from his brain, and doctors think that if he lives he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life. Brain scans show that his brain tissue is dying and his brain is shrinking. Kristy and her husband refuse this diagnosis and pray for their little boy. I'm asking you to join them in this prayer for Kaleb.

Her myspace is:

fsufan 06-14-2007 07:45 PM

Re: Prayers needed for a shaken baby
They are in my thoughts and prayers :pray:

I can not believe someone could do something like that to a baby or any person , or animal for that matter. What is this world coming to ?

DiaperDiva 06-14-2007 07:51 PM

Re: Prayers needed for a shaken baby
prayers are working please keep praying ladies. he is getting better!

MamaLove 06-14-2007 07:51 PM

Re: Prayers needed for a shaken baby
Only 6 months, that's so young. I can't imagine what that daycare person would do to a testing 2 year old. Sending prayers...

mommypatton521 06-14-2007 07:52 PM

Re: Prayers needed for a shaken baby
I think about them every night before I go to bed...this poor family this is something no one should ever have to go through.

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