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Samantha 04-26-2006 09:13 PM

Nursing while PG
I know this fits in both sections...but I am picking here.

I Dont know what harper is doing. I think shes weaning...because she wont ask to nurse for a few days and then she asks everyday for a certain amount of time. I have hardly any milk...a couple drops at a time I think (at least thats all I can express) So I know its for comfort and not nourishment. I am NOT going to cut her off though. I think that would be more devastating than anything (she is a very clingy/needy baby) I already know we are going to have ISSUES when her brother is born...she doesnt even like sharing my lap with her older brother whats she going to think when she has to share with the new baby? my point. Now that shes not nursing several times a day my nipples are getting a little tender....

Am I going to have to put up with this for the rest of the pregnancy? Or is there anything that can help?

bfoster2000 04-27-2006 10:55 AM

Re: Nursing while PG
Mostly all I can offer you is hugs. DJ was 15 months and very attached to "his boobies" when I found out I was pregnant. I was determined not to cut him off but nursing was EXCRUCIATING for me. I tried to compromise by "encouraging" him to limit the frequency and duration of his nursing sessions. I never flat out told him no, but I would tell him that the boobies don't feel good so you can do it for a few minutes and then we're going to....whatever. Or that the boobies had gone night night and he could have more in the morning. There were times when he was not happy and there were times when I was not happy, but overall, it was a lot easier than I expected. I'm pretty sure my milk was drying up too...I wasn't able to express much if anything and I rarely felt a letdown anymore. Around the end of January, when I was just about 3.5 months pregnant, he stopped asking every day. Usually he would ask either at bedtime or first thing in the morning. Then he went a few days without asking. When he went a whole week without it, I made the executive decision that we were done! He did ask again, but I just told him the boobies were all gone and offered him some milk in his big-boy dinosaur cup and he went for it. He was about 19 months then. For a few days, he started asking a lot again but I think it was just testing his limits because he never got the least bit upset when I said no. After a while, once I was sure that he was done, we started talking about the fact that boobies are for babies and DJ is a big boy now. I'm hoping that will make it a little easier on him when the new baby starts getting his boobies!

By the way, we did continue cosleeping even through fact we're still cosleeping and that hasn't been a problem. I did start wearing nightgowns that were less nursing-friendly to discourage any sneaky nighttime nursing and for a while, I tried not to take baths with DJ or change in front of him...out of sight, out of mind, you know? Now, I don't worry about any of it. If he sees a breast, he'll say something like "Boobies for babies!"

I did find some very helpful information on nursing during pregnancy and tandem nursing at and

Hope this helps!

bethanyjoy 04-27-2006 01:04 PM

Re: Nursing while PG
:hugs: Nursing while pregnant can be such a challenge! I found the sites mentioned by the PP to be very helpful, as well as the book Adventures in Tandem Nursing by Hilary Flower - it's got a ton of info about nursing while pregnant, and deciding whether or not TN is something you want to do.

My firstborn was very highneeds, so I just felt he NEEDED to continue nursing. This time around, Bryan (my youngest) is still nursing, but definitely has cut back and I think he might end up weaning. We'll see.

If your DD needs to nurse, don't be surprised if she resumes interest in a few more weeks when your body starts producing colostrum...she'll be getting "something" again and might be more interested.

Proverbs169 04-27-2006 07:02 PM

Re: Nursing while PG
I feel your pain!! I nursed while pregnant with both Allison and Selah and was forced to wean because of the pain. Seriously, it got to the point that I hated to nurse and would nearly cry when I had to. I hope it's not that bad for you and you can continue. It must be different for some mamas, or the pain must go away, since I know some tat have tandem nursed.

Shaineinok 04-27-2006 07:33 PM

Re: Nursing while PG
I was pretty tender the whole time. It was not unbearable though and I felt my dd was not at all ready to wean. She nursed till she was 3 so that was 1 year after her sister came. Was it easy no. Would I do it again yes. As far as the new baby is conserned you should have her start practising sharing with her sibling or a doll thay should at least pave the way. Good luck with whatever works out for you!

4kidzmom 04-28-2006 11:40 AM

Re: Nursing while PG
I am now 16+ weeks pregnant with #4 and nursing #3 still (he's 2 1/2 yrs). It is VERY painful at times for me. Like you I know it is totally for comfort because I am as dry as a bone. There is no way I can cut him off right now though. Soon enough he's going to have to share me with a little bitty which I know will be hard on him.

I wanted to add that he does only nurse twice a day - going down for a nap, and down for bed time.

wbkt8 04-28-2006 12:12 PM

Re: Nursing while PG

we're about to start ttc #2 and this is a big anxiety of mine. dd (19 mo) is still nursing lots and very attached to it.

deliarose 04-29-2006 05:20 PM

Re: Nursing while PG
My dd is 18 months and still is nursing strong. I would recommend reading Adventures in Tandem Nursing. I have just started reading it and found some great advice already. Too much to post here, but worth a read. Lurking to hear some more advice too.

bethanyjoy 04-29-2006 05:28 PM

Re: Nursing while PG

I've found that really paying attention to positioning and latch has helped with the pain of nursing; I've been VERY tender this pregnancy...but also realized that I had over time let Bry get very sloppy with latch, and how I hold him while nursing -- it just gets easier when they're toddlers and you can forget the basics, kwim?

We've been working on "open wide and stick out your tongue" and then I pull him in close...also making sure he's positioned belly to belly, with his legs and bum well wrapped around my side so that he's not pulling so much on my breast. This has helped a LOT, it still hurts at latch-on but isn't as painful throughout the nursing as it was just a week ago.

Also, I've heard some mommas say Lansinoh helps a bit...the tenderness is hormormal so it won't completely clear up, but sometimes tweaking things a little bit helps make it more manageable. :hugs:

SarieQ 05-04-2006 09:17 AM

Re: Nursing while PG
Motherlove offers a liquid herbal extract that is supposed to increase supply during pregnancy.

It didn't work for me, but it worked for the women who reccomended it to me. Worth a try, I think, especially if your little one needs to comfort nurse for her peace of mind.

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