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Sarahb44 06-23-2006 06:42 AM

Insurance and decisions help
I am completely in a mess w/my prenatal care right now. I would really like others thoughts and opinions. :)

I basically HATE where I am. Being near a military facility and having to use base to avoid copays and whatnot. Well my last button has been pushed when they refused to call in a PRENATAL RX to my local pharmacy (I live 35min away from base). Why they dont/wont call this in you ask??? :banghead: I have no clue!!

So my option right now, until more research is done, is to change levels of my ins and do copays and deductibles.
Here is where it gets more complicated. (I come from having midwives and LOVED them, unfortunatly we have moved too far from them) And their are NO MW around here and the only travelling homebirth one DH has declined :(

Our local group is NINE MALE Obs, but I would have to meet my deduct and pay 20% copay per visit 4mile drive. (Dont have a good thing with male gyns/obs :()
The next place has a newer birthing center and the group I am looking into has 4females and 4 males, no copay, but still have to meet the deduct and a 33mile drive.

What would you do?? Please help me

wbkt8 06-23-2006 07:43 AM

Re: Insurance and decisions help
well, first i certainly wouldn't opt for the all-male OB practice just to be closer if you would be uncomfortable with them. close is nice but i think you need to be comfortable with your provider. so it sounds like if your major issue with your current insurance situation is the distance then it sounds like the other option that you would want to pursue (the newer birthing center) isn't any closer. so i probably wouldn't necessarily change unless there is something else going on with your base provider (like you can't stand them personally, they're pushing you to do things you don't want to, etc.).

~stacy~ 06-24-2006 05:13 AM

Re: Insurance and decisions help

But if it is that the one at the Base is uncomfortable for you to go to because of personal reasons, I personally would go with the newer place with the longer drive. 20% per visit can really add up.

But before making a decision, maybe you should see if there is any way to visit the birthing center to see what it's like. They may even offer free 15 minute consultation appointments with one of the women Drs you might consider switching too.

Good luck!

Abunchofus 06-24-2006 06:53 AM

Re: Insurance and decisions help
I too would not go to the all male group. Sorry but no man has pushed anything out of anywhere to tell us women how to do it :lol I too use midwives and oh my heart breaks for you! I love my midwives we have used! I would definitely interview the other group that has 4 women and 4 men. I would also try really explaining ot my husband that you are not not not comfortable with a man and really prefer a woman. I don't want some other man besides my hubby seeing that part of my body if I have the option to use a woman. I would also find out what is opposition to the female homebirth midwife is and see if there was ANY ANY ANY way at all that you could overcome that obstacle - I'm praying for ya!

offlikeapromdress 06-24-2006 06:56 AM

Re: Insurance and decisions help
You can get your prenatal vitamins OTC at Walmart. That is all I have ever taken b/c I didnt want to pay the prescription copays. Hope you get this all figured out.

CMamma 06-24-2006 07:00 AM

Re: Insurance and decisions help
Have you tried calling Tricare? I went through a LOT of issues w/them... I finally was able to talk to someone in "Medical Management." They are the ones that makes all the insurance decisions. Now I am allowed to go to ANY doctor I want w/no copay - after throwing quite the b&%@h fit a few times.

Also, as far as military docs calling in a script... I don't think they can do that. I've gone to MTF's & Veteran's doctors & they've explained to me that they aren't allowed by law to do that. Many doctors are not certified in that state, but b/c they are military they are allowed to practice there as long as they are on the MTF. It sucks, but it's just a rule :banghead:

I myself hate MTFs in general & have had a few bad experiences there, but I wish I had one that close (I know it's far for you). I live 4-5 hours from the nearest one in OH. I live 30 mins from the nearest actual medical facility at all & 48 mins from my personal doctor/hospital.

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