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starsandlollipops 06-24-2006 08:12 PM

drying up???
my dd is 3 mos old now, and about a month ago, i started to go "dry". i was horrified, because i feel soooo strongly about breastfeeding. we were in the process of moving from va to fla. and my husband missed her birth, was home for a couple of weeks and then back out to sea (navy)... so needless to say i was stressed!!! anyhoo.. i found these pills by solaray that are fenelgreek and something else, and i bought a huuuge stash of them. they retail for about 14 bucks or so per bottle. i have 3 bottles left and will let them go if anyone is interested.. $10.75 ppd per bottle. i would only like to pass on the savings because i know how upsetting it can be when the thought of formula comes into play!! they are so great, within 30 mins of taking them, i sit down relax and stare at dd and just love her so much, i can feel it "rushing" in!! wheeeww! :wipes forehead:

c2afwife 06-29-2006 04:02 PM

Re: drying up???
WOW I wish I would have known about this stuff when I was still nursing! I dryed up QUICK! I was sooooooo sad!:cry:

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