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mommyofmany 07-01-2007 10:48 AM

newbie help
I have been buying diapers on FSOT and here was what I have so far:

3 Nb bottom creeks
3 nb swaddlebees
3 Kissaluvs 0
3 small bumgenius 1.0
6 xs bg
3 fitted pattynaps
4 wahm aios nb

I only have 1 cover which is a newborn diaperap. I found it at a resale shop for .40 so I figured for that price if it isn't any good it's not a big deal. As soon as I find a pattern my Mom is going to make some wool soakers. Any ideas on a good yarn to order? I need to get some prefolds,but am unsure on what size and how many to order. I am a bit overwhelmed at what size and what else to try at this point. Or do you think once I get some covers and prefolds I have enough until I see what works for us? Also can I wash the Bg with the others? Thanks for any help!:goodvibes:

MBC 07-01-2007 02:16 PM

Re: newbie help
I am sort of a newbie too but wanted to give you a :bumpsign:

The yarn question would be a good question to post in all things wool or arts and crafts.

Yes, you can wash the BG with everything else. I wash all my CD together.


Katherine 07-01-2007 02:31 PM

Re: newbie help
You could get either premie or nb pf's. The premie pf's will only fit for a very short while, but the infant size can be bulky on newborns. You would have to fold the infant size down for a few weeks. With the fitteds and aio's you have already, I'd get about 24 prefolds - they can be used as inserts or doublers later, so they're a good investment. I just bought infants last time and dealt with the bulk for awhile.

As for covers, I'd get maybe 4-6 good wool soakers, but I'd also invest in some bsww or a similar pul covers, b/c with a newborn, you might not feel up to using wool all the time, although wool is great on little babies. I like to have 6 covers in each size.

Good luck!

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