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Love4leon 07-08-2007 11:47 AM

What should I save my money for?
So- I have tried a lot!! Everything seems to hurt. My daughter is 7 months and about 16 pounds- I just need some honest help- I would love to wear her more because she loves it! I've tried pouches, ring slings, front carriers- nothing too fancy though because I don't have too much money but maybe if I save I could buy something decent here? Is Beco the best? Ergo? Thanks for the help! Oh! I also need something that isn't too complicated! Or something that has a Dvd to learn from-

rosey013 07-10-2007 09:49 PM

Re: What should I save my money for?
I have a gypsy mama BB wrap and my 2 1/2 month old loves it! We have been using it since she was 2 weeks old. It looks complecated to put on as you need to wrap it around yourself, but know it takes seconds, is VERY comfortable and easily adjust to different sized babies. I can not wait until she is bigger and we can try more caries.

Love4leon 07-10-2007 09:54 PM

Re: What should I save my money for?
Thanks! I think I might have my mom make a Mai Tai- but I could still start saving for a good wrap or Ergo or Beco??? Not sure- I just need something that is good on the back! It seems to make more sense to use a wrap because having them kept close like that- it seems to be more of an addition to your own body and less strain on the back?

jaceraden 07-10-2007 10:52 PM

Re: What should I save my money for?
Maybe I'm totally crazy, but I find that my MT is just like a wrap only less complicated. I've not tried a beco *yet* but I looooooooooove my BabyHawk MT. It's soooo soft and comfy and I love the panel designs. I have just started wearing my 15 pound, 4 month DD in a back carry and it's great! Soon I'll learn how to do a hip carry as well and then my MT will be totally versatile!

katmarie 07-10-2007 11:05 PM

Re: What should I save my money for?
The absolutely most comfortable thing you can by is a good woven wrap. Yes, they're a bit pricey, and yes, there is a learning curve, but it's all so worth it if you are intent on wearing your baby and you want an option that will be very comfortable for a very long time.

A good MT is good too, you just need to make sure that you buy something iwth padded straps or wide wrap straps. (Still, nothing compare to a wrap). :mrgreen:

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