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Manna00 06-28-2006 10:11 PM

The Membrane Scrape
Okay.. today I am 39 weeks and 2 days along--so I had another doctor's appointment. We did a cervix check (still chillin' at 2 CM... BUT I'm now 75% thinned out) and then I asked my doctor about a membrane scrape because I haven't had a single contraction at all. Well. He did it all right. He scrapped away.

Now, the doctor warned me that I might have some spotting--which I've had a little bit of (more like a rust-yellow color when I wipe.. sorry.. TMI!) but more importantly... I think I started having contractions??

Okay.. this is what it feels like: Most of the time there's a low, dull pain around my lower back... sometimes the sensation like I need to go #2. Then, every now and again I'll have what feels like a menstral cramp--I don't think it's "regular"...and it's not terribly painful or anything... but when you're on "contraction watch" if there's ANY weird feelings you sit up and take notice! :)

I WAS thinking that this could have been from the exam itself. Last week when I had an exam it was a bit painful... but the pain went away after only about an hour and there certainly was no cramping. It's now been over 6 hours since my exam today... and the "pain" (it really isn't horrible) has been steady, even with lying down for a while... but I can sleep through it.

Sooooooo... what do you all think?? Everyone always says "You'll know a contraction when you have one"... but I like some reassurance. I'm trying not to get my hopes up tooooo high in case it still might be pain from the exam.. but it's been a good, long while now.

Oh yes.. and in birthing class they said that we needed to time our contractions... but when do you start timing and when do you finish to say count 1 contraction? Right now these feelings (if they are indeed contractions) are so subdle that I don't think I COULD time them... like I said, one pain is constant and low, one is more sharp and "crampy".

Let me know! :)

zonapellucida 06-28-2006 10:35 PM

Re: The Membrane Scrape
yippee!!! Start timing from the start to of one cntx to the next. You will feel the "pain" and then the relief of it (usualy) but I will tell you stripping of the membranes is VERY effective in starting labor

Time from the start of a cntx to the saart of the next cntx.

ChurchPunkMom 06-28-2006 10:52 PM

Re: The Membrane Scrape
Membrane stripping is very effective for some, not so much for others. It could just be that you're feeling your cervix thinning out more, it could be contractions. Try timing and see if there's any regularity. Being your first, you're not likely to have real contractions without it being labor. :)

Manna00 06-28-2006 11:16 PM

Re: The Membrane Scrape
Like I said.. right now there isn't a whole heap of pain to time... they almost feel more like a pinch of a cramp.. maybe a LITTLE longer than a pinch... but we're talking just seconds of pain. They've kept up all night though!

And I totally agree that stripping works for some and not others. We've done everything short of cohesh (is that how it's spelled?) to get this kiddo kickstarted.. but nothing but one thin cervix. So when we went today I just told my doctor we wanted to take that gamble of stripping working or not working--the "worst" thing that could happen is.. nothing!... but whoa.. these feelings are a whole lot different than anything I've felt before during pregnancy.. so happy thoughts! :)

ChurchPunkMom 06-28-2006 11:21 PM

Re: The Membrane Scrape
Cohosh. :)
Yeah, it sounds more like just more ripening and perhaps a little more dilation going on, but probably not labor. That's ok though! The more work you do now, the less you have to do when the time comes! That may mean you'll have a nice short labor (or not :giggle: )! At least something's going on! ;)

kkweight 06-28-2006 11:52 PM

Re: The Membrane Scrape
I think its just really really early labor, maybe just some dialation. So i would stay hydrated. Walk alot but dont get fatigued. Sit on a birth ball, from what ive learned this helps open the pelvis a bit. Try some relaxtion methods and dont get overly anious, if they peter out dont worry, your body is just getting ready.
So, it sounds like this is a good start. Way to go! Have you tried evening primrose oil? Also, be sure to drink up some red raspberry leaf tea. Very nourishing to the placenta and uterus. It will be so beneficial for you and labor.


Luv2bemommy 06-28-2006 11:52 PM

Re: The Membrane Scrape
It's SO hard to tell!! I had my membranes stripped 3 times when I was pregnant with Meghan and I had constant contractions like that.. I went to the L&D and few times where she did it again, she called it "irritable uterus" :banghead: I swear I thought I was in labor that one time but they gave me 2 ambien and sent me home.. I ended up being induced at 42 weeks when I was 3 cm dialated.. I had a great easy labor however..

Anyways, I dont want to get your hopes up! Some women get theirs stripped and go into labor that next day some its weeks! You look like you are so ready to go so I pray that is happens NOW! lol

Manna00 06-29-2006 01:15 AM

Re: The Membrane Scrape
Well, at least it makes me feel better to know that it IS hard to tell and it's not just me!!

And yes, ever since I hit 32 weeks I've been taking Evening Primrose Oil (3 caplets a day + a few vaginally, if I remember before bed) and I've also been taking Red Raspberry caplets (2 a day).... plus all the get-the-baby-out-dancing a woman who's 39 weeks can handle (which ain't MUCH!).

Luckily, my doctor has said that he wouldnt' make me wait any longer than one week past my due date... but he really thinks things look good "down there" (well.. he called it a "favorable cervix") but because it IS my first birth he wants to wait and see... always with the "wait and see..."

"Irritable uturus"... yeah.. that's a good name for it, alright....

cblurose 06-29-2006 04:29 AM

Re: The Membrane Scrape
I just love your's so cute.
I'm hoping things progressed overnight but you better check in with us if you aren't at the hospital!!! :mrgreen:

GrowingUpMad 06-29-2006 05:17 AM

Re: The Membrane Scrape
I just wanted to let you know that with my first I went to the hospital to be induced (WAY overdue) and found out I was in active labor and dilated to 7 already. I had no idea I was having contractions and actually I spent the entire morning shopping without even realizing I was in labor. I woke up in the middle of the night hungry, have some ice cream woke up at my usual time with a belly ach and thought it was the ice cream (I'm lactose intolerent). Went shopping with my SIL and came home to have lunch before I went in (yes, I know they say no food but forget that) and still never put 2 and 2 together until the nurses told me.

With that said I was paranoid with #2 and that time I was induced early so I never had a contraction (not even a braxton hicks). Here I am with #3 and already having them (30+weeks) so now I kind of get the feeling (hopefully).

I hope you know when it happens or your water just breaks to make it easier to tell. The scraping sounds like it may have helped, just a matter of time now. Keep up the baby dancing as I know a few people that went into labor right after (also a few that had their water break during). I know your anxious and Sam will be here soon.

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