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GrowingUpMad 06-30-2006 05:59 AM

Getting the routine down ~ help w/ drying ?'s
Okay as most know I am still waiting for baby to arrive. I've got my NB/Sm stash and a washing routine (cold rinse, hot wash/cold rinse) but what about drying?

I have fitteds, pockets and AIO's along with some prefitteds and prefolds. Can I just dry everything together on low? Do I need to dry certain things a certain way? I am in MI so outside is only feasible from end of May through early Sept and only on certain days.

I am hoping to post the wash and dry routine on the appliances so no one messes with my cloth (like anyone else does laundry but possibly).

Okay, since this is a laundry post I have a few wash questions I just thought of. Can I add TTO to every load or is it just for occasional use? I've heard of using vinager or apple cider vinager in the wash, why and how much/often?

Okay, that's it really!! Thanks for the help.

sherrydeanne 06-30-2006 08:14 AM

Re: Getting the routine down ~ help w/ drying ?'s
You can dry them all together, but the covers and pockets aren't going to take nearly as long to dry as the rest. I would just line dry those--you can use a rack inside during the winter and then put everything else in on medium. Or, I sometimes leave my pockets and covers out, run a timed dry on hot with the sturdy stuff, and then throw my pockets and covers in for about 10 minutes on low at the end :)

As for TTO and vinegar, I honestly don't use them. Vinegar can mess with pul, so if you find you need it now and then I'd try to do it on loads you don't have pockets and covers in. I'd start with just detergent and then only add things if you're getting stinkies or something's not working. No point in making it more complicated than it has to be :)

I'm sure the wonderful ladies here will have great advice for you.

Good luck! :)

Shaineinok 06-30-2006 08:48 AM

Re: Getting the routine down ~ help w/ drying ?'s
I dry all mine in the dryer. I usually pull the pockets and AI2 outers out early and then let the other finish drying. Fitteds and true AIO's can take a while. I don't add anything to mine regularly except for detergent. If you find you need to then beware of vineger and PUL. I would only use the tto occationally as it's my fear that being an oil based product that it could cause buildup if used every wash for a while.

mamagina 06-30-2006 08:46 PM

Re: Getting the routine down ~ help w/ drying ?'s
I wash them all together, I dont' use TTO for the fact that is is oil based and I'd worry about build up in my pockets. I found vinegar made my diapers stink since we have fairly hard water.

I dry my PUL on a drying rack or over the shower rod in the bathroom. I think even if I was to put in the dryer, I'd separate them since diapers would take FOREVER to dry on low and I don't think the pul needs to be in the dryer that long.

aimeemarie 06-30-2006 09:11 PM

Re: Getting the routine down ~ help w/ drying ?'s
Lol, I think all of DS is so excited for Lilly to come!

Your wash routine sounds good. I would just keep everything very simple at first. That's what I've done and haven't had any problems yet. I'm in NE, so like you, I am not always sure if I'll be able to line dry or not, so 90% of the time everything is machine dried. (MF inserts, fitted, pockets)

camperjen 06-30-2006 10:30 PM

Re: Getting the routine down ~ help w/ drying ?'s
I've found that two dry bath towels (or one huge one) in the dryer with the wet dipes helps to pull out moisture faster and helps them to dry better.

I use vinegar in the very first wash/rinse on occasion when my dipes start to stink - it helps A LOT. I use half a cup in a washer FULL of water (and only 1/4 full of dipes - more water rinses better).

I've also grown fond of using a couple squirts of dish liquid in every first wash/rinse (cold/cold) as well - it seems to help clean the poops better. Then I can also use a *touch* more laundry soap in the 2nd wash (hot/cold) -- it's more than most would use but I don't have buildup problems due to the dish soap in every 1st load (I use about 1/4 cup of laundry soap).

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