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sunshinemama 06-30-2006 08:26 AM

Best fitteds... we need more
Ok since the kids won't let me get any pw's :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: for the second week in a row. I'm gonna have to get some others to tide us over. I have HH fitteds 1 lonely pw that we love and SB terry. I need alpix and something for a heavy wetter but cute and affordable. Post me your links to your favs so I can go shopping.

pfratz 06-30-2006 08:40 AM

Re: Best fitteds... we need more
I love - though I dunno how they are w/ heavy wetters. I don't remember how ds was and I haven't used the ones I bought for the new baby yet. Six more weeks! lol

a_cthelen 06-30-2006 08:49 AM

Re: Best fitteds... we need more
Well, I sure do love my VBSN! I don't know if they come in Aplix, but they are great for heavy wetters! Last night, I did a pul SEZ with a night-time SEZ hemp/BKT insert and he is good to go. I like fitteds with wool, but I am still awaiting a bunch of fitteds! :)

Voltige 06-30-2006 08:55 AM

Re: Best fitteds... we need more
Maybe not as cute as others, but I love my Under the Nile's. I bought them here.

They work great for us as both day and night fitteds. I usually use a doubler at night but probably don't need to. Very husband friendly!

negrapy 06-30-2006 09:08 AM

Re: Best fitteds... we need more
good heavy wetter diapers ... better than dream ezz, sugarplumbaby, cloud 9, tinkle traps, gmars, thirsties, mj sherpas .... hummm have we tried anything else?

her prefitteds work great! With a doubler we can last at least 2 hours without a cover and can go overnight without leaks

very afforable, very cute ... come with aplix as a choice :)

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