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kissum 07-01-2006 12:29 AM

Help with taking a bottle!
My dd has never had a problem taking a bottle. I went back to school 3 nights a week when she was 2 weeks old, so she had bottle of pumped BM then. Well, since it's summer I've been home with her all the time. So since beginning of May. Well, she suddenly will NOT take a bottle. My mom tried to give her one on two separate occassions, said Bella got hysterical. My grandmother tried earlier this week, same thing. I had to see it for myself, so tonight I asked my step mom to try. Here's the result:
Wow, that baby is mad. She's not sucking, she's biting, and she was mad for about 30 minutes afterward. :whoa: I was hiding around the corner BTW so I don't think it's because she could see me. I also tried giving her the luck.
I want to go out sometimes, but I can't have my baby screaming when I'm gone. :cry:
Any advice?
ETA: We tried 3 different bottle/nipples too. I feel so bad. :(

monkeylove 07-01-2006 12:56 AM

Re: Help with taking a bottle!
we're going through the same thing....Truman only seems to take it when he really knows I'm not there....whereas before he would take the bottle w/o a problem...going on vacation with in-laws this week, really hoping this works out?

ChurchPunkMom 07-01-2006 01:27 AM

Re: Help with taking a bottle!
Which bottles/nipples have you tried?? I recommend the Playtex with a NaturaLatch nipple - the only nursing babies I know of that won't take that, won't take a bottle at all. Another thing you may try (if it's that important to you..) is this.

Otherwise, you can try - fingerfeeding, spoonfeeding, regular cup, sippy cup that's NOT spillproof.. Is she eating solids yet? If she is you can just plan on that being her food while you're out.

MamaMel 07-01-2006 07:54 AM

Re: Help with taking a bottle!
well since your DD is almost 6 months old how about a sipppy cup??? My dd took a bottle once then I got mastastis (sp?) so i refuse to leave her now for long periods when she needs a bottle. So Im skipping the bottle and going to cup. Some babies like the avent best. Some say use a sippy w/out the plug and have your mom sit w/ her and tip it in her mouth. Also since shes a little older you can do momsicles which you freeze your BM into cubes and put it into a mesh feeder and have whoever is watching her give her that. And if she skips a feeding thats okay she will make up for it at night ( just less sleep for you)

Hope I helped

negrapy 07-01-2006 10:21 AM

Re: Help with taking a bottle!
I am laughing reading your post just becuase I've seen the biting and all mad in action
my babe will NOT take a bottle ... or anything with a silicon like nipple for that matter.
He is kind of a pain with a sippy cup too
the best for us is a juice box looking thingy we bought at dollar general for 50 cents. It looks well like that and has a harded straw thingy and he sucks/drinks so well from it. We give him a little extra water that way when we're out and its hot. He loves it. Of course sometimes he plays with it too, but at least he drinks when he wants too. And its great becuase you don't have to tilt it up either so no drowning :laugh:

:hugs: good luck
I also second the pp who said maybe a little solid food to tide her over if you are starting some and she takes it well :)
Or see if you can time your going outs. My son is almost 7 months and sometimes he stretches he feeding 4 hours

Irishmommy 07-01-2006 10:42 AM

Re: Help with taking a bottle!
At my dd's nine month check up I asked the ped. about the bottle becuase my mil had just given me the "it's so wrong that you don't give her a bottle" speech, and my ped. said just to skip it. Go straight to the sippy if you can, or something other than the bottle. So, then I had ammunition when mil again mentioned the bottle. Also, the straw cups are better for them developmentally than just the sippy with a stopper and just a plain cup is best according to my bf that is a speech therapist. So, I'd just move on and stop trying to find the right bottle, as it seems quite aparant that she doesn't want it, lol.:hugs:

fouradss 07-01-2006 11:00 AM

Re: Help with taking a bottle!
That is how my niece was.:giggle: I never had problems with my dd switching back and forth. But, I was the only one who could get my niece to take a bottler other than her Momma. I would put her in the usual bf hold and stick the bottle under my arm. It looked kinda silly, but she would take it without a problem. After a few times of doing that I was able to hold her in close and get her to look up and take the bottle. (I believe she was around 5 mo old when she started refusing the bottle) It's worth a try!!

FitMommyOf2 07-01-2006 02:16 PM

Re: Help with taking a bottle!
:hugs: mama,
I can imagine it must be frustrating/hurting you to see your cutie refusing the bottle so much!
Thankfully I had no probs w/DS taking the bottle after I switched from BF to FF and it went ok. I used the new NUK Air System that they only sell in Europe (I had several bottles and all nipples sent over here :giggle:)
PM me if you're interested in getting a few; I got more than I need for DS nowadays and would give them to you FFS if you'd like to give them a try!? :)

lovemygirls 07-01-2006 03:00 PM

Re: Help with taking a bottle!
my dd won't take a bottle at all either. We've now tried sippy cups and she's doing pretty good with them. If I were you I'd try a sippy cup...we're using gerber ones with the tappered spouts. btw, my dd is 6 months old too.

GracieGooseSC 07-06-2006 09:10 PM

Re: Help with taking a bottle!
My first daugther did excellent switching from bottle to breast with the Playtex nursers, but the best bottle you can use is one that has a similar shape to your nipple. Also don't wait until she is really hungry to give her the bottle, she will have less patience, and give up easily. Have the person feeding her hold her in the same way and place that you do and have them wrap your shirt around them so she can smell you while she eats. Once you get her taking one, I would recommend pumping once a day, or supplementing with formula so she can have 1 bottle each day. It's a lot of work but that way it ensures she will take it when you aren't there. Good luck!:goodvibes:

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