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Tymommy 07-01-2006 03:00 PM

SO SO SO MAD...CD Article

This article me LIVID! I was doing a search for night time cloth diapers and just happened to find this. THIS is one of the reasons why some mainstream people won't give cloth a try.

1. Disposables "hold more" and therefore a CD child needs to be changed more often.....NO! If your child is wet then change them PERIOD!
2. Care of cloth is difficult........NO! What is really difficult about shaking poo into the toilet and then putting a diaper in a pail. Then the washing is just like washing any of my other clothes.
3. Cloth diapers cause enviromental impact on water..NO! Not anymore than flsuhing your toilet does if your child was potty trained. So should I just throw my human waste in a landfill instead, where not only does the diaper itself cause problems but the waste itself can run off and end up in the water streams??

Let me just tell you that this website just got a serious NASTY-GRAM from this CD mama!

Hayley 07-01-2006 03:06 PM

Re: SO SO SO MAD...CD Article
This is absolutley INSANE


they are say that babies with cloth dipes get changed more which is good and they get less diaper rash because of it.

"Why do some parents choose disposable diapers? Many find them convenient. Disposable diapers are more absorbent than cloth diapers, so you donít need to change them quite as frequently. This also means that your baby is less likely to develop a diaper rash that is caused by urine and stool sitting on the skin for prolonged periods of time."

but the thing that gets me is this of course diaper companies will say that they need to cast shadow on others because of there wrong doings!!!.........

"Even though disposable diapers have an adverse impact on the environment, the diaper manufacturers also argue that laundering cloth diapers uses more energy and water and can lead to air and water pollution."

1bigfamily 07-01-2006 03:12 PM

Re: SO SO SO MAD...CD Article
I tried to respond to it also but I can't find anywhere to e-mail so I will have to try an dcall or find another way. They said that dipsoables are less likely to allow spills onto clothes. So not ture! Sice I have switched, I haven't had any problems with that and with disposable I had it seeral times a week!

As for the thing about less rashes, it is kind of confusing bc of the wording. The writer didn't do a very good job making it clear that cloth diapered babies have less rashes, it almost sounds like it is the other way around.

a_cthelen 07-01-2006 03:13 PM

Re: SO SO SO MAD...CD Article
Holy cow! What misinformation!!!

sharleen (DCDiapers) 07-01-2006 03:32 PM

Re: SO SO SO MAD...CD Article
unfortunatly this is what most society thinks............ Its too bad they wernt more informed. :mrgreen:

Irishmommy 07-01-2006 03:34 PM

Re: SO SO SO MAD...CD Article
Was that written by an MD? That was such a poorly written article. The facts in the article weren't facts at all, all hearsay. I think the author was trying to say that sposies cause less diaper rash; however the point just before it was that with cloth you would have to change more frequently. So, I'm confused as to how changing less frequently leads to less diaper rash. I just wish someone really well known would write an article or advocate for cloth diapers, so at least people would be properly informed. I see so many articles in the literature that you get at hospitals and baby stores that talk about cloth diapers in terms of flats and pins. Nothing is ever mentioned about other choices. I just hate for people to get that narrow view of how "difficult" cloth diapers are.

So who's going to send Angelina and Brad a pocket diaper for their new baby? Wouldn't their baby look so cute in a cuddly little cloth diaper? Maybe a matching shirt to go with it?

Lovely Momma 07-01-2006 03:40 PM

Re: SO SO SO MAD...CD Article
wow insane!!! my sons little bum has been so much better since switching to cloth, and to be quiet honest with you hes staying dryer cause the dipes are so wonderful at wicking the wetness away. crazy people! :banghead:

myajdw 07-01-2006 04:14 PM

Re: SO SO SO MAD...CD Article
hehe i was wondering if angelina cloth diapers....i bet she would if we got her onto it!!! that would be SOO diffucult though, but isn't that baby just a beaut!

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 07-01-2006 04:37 PM

Re: SO SO SO MAD...CD Article
thats crazy, i hate when things are said and it makes newbies think cloth is too hard to do and wont give it a try.
i can't wait to get home with danae and start cloth diapering her again, i miss using & washing my cute dipes :(

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