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akrab 07-03-2006 08:51 AM

Here's the scoop...
I didnt drink anything last night before bed to assure I would have good concentrated ps 1s LOL I went to bed at 10:30, woke up at 1:30 having to pee... what the heck! I went back to sleep but woke up an hour later at 2:30 painfully having to pee.... so I went I figured I would have more sleep in and would still need to pee when I woke up... so then I woke up at 6:30 needing to oee ARG!!! still have not had anything to drink for a while before even going to bed! I try to go back to sleep but by 7:10 I am in oain and NEED to pee.... so I do, and I test and it is NEGATIVE! still no sign of af, I am now on cd30... I went ahead and checked my cervix and it is high, and closed... and slightly off to the side :headscratch: dont get the slightly off to the side... but it isnt dead center know what I mean? it was sort of over to the side...

anyways so I look up some info on the internet, and I am not sure if anyone has heard of this before or not... because I havent... anyways it said that if you are breastfeeding you spill hcg into breastmilk which makes it not so concentrated in urine which would make your test read negative :dunno: anyone breastfeeding and not get a positive right away? or anyone breastfeedign and did get a positive right away? is all that just a bunch of baloney?

akrab 07-03-2006 09:01 AM

Re: Here's the scoop...
OK someone just told me I am not getting an accurate result unless I can go 6 hours without peeing and then test? I tried to go longer... normally my bladder can hold a dam.... I never wake up to pee during the night!! But I had to pee... I was actually in pain from trying to hold it...

SarieQ 07-03-2006 09:07 AM

Re: Here's the scoop...
I was breastfeeding when I tested positive. My positives always show up a couple days after a missed period. It did that time too, breastfeeding didn't seem to have any effect.

Best wishes!:thumbsup:

akrab 07-03-2006 09:22 AM

Re: Here's the scoop...
I guess I will go buy another test lol
I have been using the dollar general tests... is there another test I should get? are these tests ok? and do I really need to go 6 hours without peeing!!!

~stacy~ 07-03-2006 09:28 AM

Re: Here's the scoop...
Yeah, I am still BFing my DS (4+ times a day) and I got my + at 10 dpo (Very very faint tho). I definitely didn't pee for 6 hours or more before POAS and hadn't had much to drink. So it was pretty concentrated IYKWIM. BTW- at she took a HPT with breastmilk but the HPT couldn't detect it. So I'm thinking the hcg going to the breastmilk instead is not horribly accurate.

Hang in there! Maybe it just varies from woman to woman, or even pregnancy to pregnancy, when that HcG will be high enough to detect.


~stacy~ 07-03-2006 09:30 AM

Re: Here's the scoop...
I've had good results with First Response HPT. I get them at WalMart to save a couple $. And I think you can wait 4 hours instead of 6 and be ok. Most instructions say 4 hours. But get a 2-pack (at least) so you can take a test with first mornin urine too, which is supposed to be best.

GL again!

akrab 07-03-2006 09:37 AM

Re: Here's the scoop...
the dollar general ones dont say how long to wait before peeing, and they dont say when they are accurate... like before af, after af... but they are ony $1 :blush: they also have a $5 test, I have never bought one... wonder what the difference is :headscratch:

annes_cottage 07-03-2006 10:52 AM

Re: Here's the scoop...
I had a + with Fact Plus at 15 dpo. I have a long cycle though and it was 2 days before i was expecting AF. My cycles are 35 I am not really sure when I O.

Try those! :goodvibes: :hugs:

wbkt8 07-03-2006 11:12 AM

Re: Here's the scoop...
alison - my cervix is off center (way high and off to my left) - i always have to tell the mw etc. where to look for it.

anyway, my point is that it can be places other than right in the middle.

hope you find out soon whether it's bfp/bfn. :goodvibes:

scatterbrainedmom 07-03-2006 01:26 PM

Re: Here's the scoop...
have you ever been to it addresses the breastfeeding

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