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missy_cbell21 07-29-2007 12:28 AM

finding a babysitter?
i am needing help and tips for finding a babysitter i can trust! we had one that was great, very good with ds, would change cders and even gave him only what he said we could have too eat. then one day i was getting ready too leave and ds did something that would usually get him a warning and she hit his hand. i was so upset i told her too just get out and we just stayed home that day. i have problems trusting people with my ds and am hoping too find someone who can give me a referral or something. i need someone for one night every other week and mabey oncall once i get closer too delevery. any tips??

klindsey82 07-29-2007 01:08 PM

Re: finding a babysitter?
you can try your local craigslist, or call your nearest college. Many college students that are studying to work in early education make excellent babysitters.

Thats terrible about your old sitter. I would be upset too. My father did that once to my son and he hardly knows my son at all. I was very upset and told him that that isn't how I discipline in my household and he then told me off and said I didn't know what I was doing etc etc. Whatever.

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