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MamaZ 07-29-2007 12:11 PM

Possibly Asthma?
My DS is 5 years old and over the past month he's been coughing a lot. This morning he just can't stop coughing! He can't even talk a full sentence without coughing half a dozen times. Could this be asthma? His Sunday School teacher thinks so and I have to wait until tomorrow to call the dr of course because today is Sunday :banghead: But what should I be careful of in the meantime with this horrible cough? I have him sitting down resting but he's an active boy and he's getting bored. I don't blame him.

jenn5388 07-29-2007 03:17 PM

Re: Possibly Asthma?
I have asthma.. I couldn't tell ya for sure if it was or not of course, but it sounds like asthma.

does he have any allergies to things like Dust, mold, Pollen? Those things trigger asthma attacks. I don't think he needs to "rest" really, because if he has asthma, he'll cough if he's resting or not. I found out when I was pregnant and couldn't walk from my front door to the mailbox without feeling like a ran a marathon. But I've been told I have REALLY BAD asthma, and I tend to agree with them. lol I'm now on Meds for the asthma and have been for 3 years and meds for the allergies which i've been on since I got my sinus infection last month.. this month has been better than the last almost 3 years. :) so the allergies I have were causing most of the asthma problems.
Any colds, ETC make it horrible too. I apparently have "pregnancy induced" asthma is what they call it. I say if it was pregnancy induced it should of been gone when i had miranda... it got worse.

It's time to take him to the doctor to find out what's going on.. Good luck!

Melissa~BHS 07-29-2007 05:01 PM

Re: Possibly Asthma?
Is he wheezing? My son has asthma and he doesn't cough, he just wheezes.

trashley 07-29-2007 07:20 PM

Re: Possibly Asthma?
My daughter's asthma is mostly just coughing, especially after she's been active. She hasn't had wheezing since she was a baby.

I would definitely get it checked out though. My sister went through something similar and it ended up being pertussis (obviously rare, but she was glad she got it checked)

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