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Kiliki 08-02-2007 01:02 AM

PM issues
This is really bothering me! I have suspected for a while now that my pm's are not going through b/c no one answers them. (2 or 3 times can be chalked up to ppl just not wanting to answer them, but 10 times means they're not going through) well, today, all day, I keep getting pop up windows to tell me I have a new PM. When I click "OK" to view it and "OK" again to view it in a new window, I get a window that takes me to my inbox where there is NO new message. So I go back to brpwsing and get the SAME message. I've checked my email to see the msg, but I'm not getting my email notifications, either. I know there's really a new msg. there b/c eventually it works when I click "OK" and I can see it, but it's really frustrating to know it's there and not be able to see it for so long. I know it's not a problem with my computer b/c my husband, a comm nerd for the USAF checked everything out on our end. Can someone please help? TIA!

haynmama 08-02-2007 01:12 AM

Re: PM issues
When the popup pm box shows up, I press cancel and then view it, KWIM? :headscratch: That's wierd. Did you try changing you personal preferences?

Kiliki 08-02-2007 01:27 AM

Re: PM issues
I tried that too. If I go to my inbox, there's nothing there, so I refresh the page and still nothing...

Birdof1985 08-02-2007 02:12 AM

Re: PM issues
try PMing me and ill PM you back and see if that shows up....

Ill PM you just to see too....


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