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Genna 07-07-2006 12:54 PM

Diapers and Dryer Sheets
So my husband threw in a dryer sheet with the diapers, I just wanted to know if that load of diapers is still usable? Or do I need to wash them again or what? Please tell me he didn't ruin my diapers! (I just had fuzzi bunz, microfiber liners, CPFs and Bummis covers in there). I found the dryer sheet stuck to one insert and I can feel the film all over it, but I don't think the others feel like that...

flobee76 07-07-2006 01:13 PM

Re: Diapers and Dryer Sheets
DH did that w/our dipes once too!

I immediately threw everything back into the wash. I did a couple of hot washes before I dried everything. That seemed to help.

Maybe someone else has a better suggestions? :headscratch:

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