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Mom2BabiesA&I 08-15-2007 06:51 AM

If cows milk stops them up...then what?
Ok so my monster is 13.5 months old. I *wanted* to start weaning. The problem? Cow milk REALLY stops him up. What else can he have? He can eat yogurt with no problem (usually has the opposite effect on him) why not cow milk?

Would rice milk be better? Soy milk? I am just confused about what I should be using here and would really like to have him weaned.

ashleynjacy 08-15-2007 07:04 AM

Re: If cows milk stops them up...then what?
I bought some rice milk but it has hardly any fat in it and babies need fat.

hauser 08-15-2007 07:23 AM

Re: If cows milk stops them up...then what?
Soy milk is a no no for kids unless there is NO other option. If you do soy you really need to consult a nutritionist!! Not all doctors know this, they think that they are all the same! You can search it online.
One problem is that calcium is added to soy milk and even if you shake it well it says at the bottom. So on average your body only gets into it about half the calcium that is say on the label.
A calcium supplement is really inportant when using soy milk as well as getting a blood test to check calcium count!! And making sure your child gets enough fat as soy milk is usually low in fat compared to whole milk.

here is some info:
The problems associated with rice and soy milk are most pressing in kids younger than 2 because they don't eat as wide a variety of food as older toddlers.

The best option to try first is lacto free milk. If that doesn't work go from there. Also make sure your child gets only the recomended amount of dairy per day and that is it!!

My oldest has grown out of this by now, he is almost 4.5. At about 3.5 I think is when we could finally do regular milk and not have to worry about if he was getting 1 extra dairy serving or not. Now we are going through it with our youngest that is almost 16 months and weaned 2 months ago!

Giving half yogurt and half milk is a good option as well. They tend to balance out. At least that is how it is for my kids. THe reason is that yogurt contains added live cultures which are healthy for your body and is probably why he is not getting stopped up from it.

Hope this helpes you a little.

geckoed 08-15-2007 09:31 AM

Re: If cows milk stops them up...then what?
read up on milk- its not really very good for you anyway. Water is fine. Seriously. Let him eat healthy foods in a good variety and drink water.

nadjarea 08-15-2007 10:02 AM

Re: If cows milk stops them up...then what?
yeah..milk isn't that great. have you tried at least organic milk...that might be a little better....because really your baby doesn't need a bunch of antibiotics or growth hormones. Gross.

Rice milk is fine. My little chubbers is about 20 months old and somewhere in the 32-35lb range he's about 35 inches tall and he has never had cows milk...just boobie milk and rice and soy. He eats a pretty much dairy free diet...and he's healthy as a horse...or rather a chubby baby boy should be! :) :goodvibes:

and as far as the article above...which I did not read...but it simply states that there was a problem with milk alternatives because kids didn't eat other foods...well gross why would you give your kid a milk diet. you should be offering kids lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains all the time.......okay...of my soapbox...OP that wasn't targeted at you. :)

5ferret2 08-15-2007 10:08 AM

Re: If cows milk stops them up...then what?
If you think he needs some form of milk I would do rice milk:goodvibes:

ChurchPunkMom 08-15-2007 10:28 AM

Re: If cows milk stops them up...then what?
You can also try almond milk or oat milk. But honestly, they don't NEED milk. It's NOT a superfood by any stretch of the imagination. The nutrients they need from it can EASILY be found (in much healthier, easier to absorb forms) in other foods and such.

Aidan weaned on his own at 1yr (I was pregnant and my milk dried up) and would NOT drink milk. He ate scrambled eggs, yogurt, fish, and lots of other foods that are good sources of healthy fat and easily absorbed calcium. If you or your ped feel that your child may be lacking in nutrition, you can always try something like PediaSure. But a diet without milk is no biggie. ;)

ETA: There's also goat's milk. It's the closest to human milk.

Suzanne 08-15-2007 10:58 AM

Re: If cows milk stops them up...then what?
My kids drink milk very occasionally, and when they do, it is usually goats milk, which is supposed to be the closes milk to human milk.

miguelsmama 08-15-2007 11:08 AM

Re: If cows milk stops them up...then what?
I would have to second the goat's milk idea. That's what we used for my ds as a supplement while BF and then when he weaned he drank it too. Now he gets his calcium other ways from vegetables and yogurt because he just won't drink goat's milk and he still never has had straight cows milk. Here's what Dr.Sears wrote and theres a link to the kind we got on the page. I hope you find the solution the works best for your family.:mrgreen:

Janelle 08-15-2007 11:23 AM

Re: If cows milk stops them up...then what?
Goat's milk! We raise our own dairy goats, but go to & find someone near you who can get you some nice raw goat milk. It is so much easier to digest! My girls (2 & 4) also drink kefir every day, which is super good for you & great for getting your digestive tract in order :thumbsup:

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