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Faithsmom 07-07-2006 05:57 PM

? for fitteds/ pf/ contour & cover users
How many fitteds/ pfs/ contours
& covers do you use in say a day?

i may have to change my system to this.

any brand recommendations for fitteds? TIA

negrapy 07-07-2006 06:05 PM

Re: ? for fitteds/ pf/ contour & cover users

it depends on the age of the baby for sure .... I think we are down to using around 8ish diapers a day at 7 months. All prefolds and fitteds. But in the am we use probably 5 of them, maybe 3 or so after 1pm and 1 for night.

I like the fanciful fanny prefitteds (they are prefolds made into fitteds with cute flannel outers and turn and topstiched)
the dream eez are okay and so are the thirsties (these are so fluffy and cute)
I haven't tried a bunch of fitteds becuase they are more than I want to spend but I'd recommend any of these. Actually I even think the snappi contours aren't bad.
these are all more economical and work well enough to hold a couple pees :)

a couple ... a lot of times I just put a doubler in the wetzone a go coverless till the outside of the dipe is damp
the best thing about the covers is that you can just rotate them and let them dry and reuse them :yay:
we have 3 dappi nylon pull on covers and a few recycled wool soakers

good luck!
and welcome to the prefold :loveit:

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