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bila75 08-15-2007 11:25 AM

30wk Apt update for Bila75
So...CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) appointment went well...gained 12 lbs so far..sugars are good I had A LOT of lows the last few weeks due to over correcting and readjusting my ratios since I am now working out (lap swimming early morning and night) about 1.5-2.5 hours a day to help with manging resistance, gain and blood glucose. Overall the goal over the last month was to reduce my insulin intake as much as I can and see if that will bring baby's tummy size down a bit. It worked last time...and it worked this time..too well. I went from 160 units of insulin to 65-75 then at 28 wks back up to 100-120 fighting off resistance and hormonal shifts. BS in range 97% of the time averaging between 63-125 and one high of 156 and a high fasting of 98. Lowest low ever..36 scared the ****ens out of DH he almost called the ambulance to come get me since I did not know I was low until I tested and called him. I was pretty dizzy..hadn't eaten in about 5++ hours. So not too bad over all.

So..I was very very nervous at my monthly u/s expecting another unpleasant conversation about how HUGE this child was even though I have gained just 12 lbs and how I *must* schedule a c/s b/c somehow this child is HUGE!! Ugh...its sooo annoying being a Diabetic Type 2 sometimes...just because you have diabetes doesn't mean your babies are 'always' massive sized...and whats wrong with an 8.5/9.5lb? Nothing...especially gosh darn it if you have the 45"++ naturally hips to birth 'em...I've pushed a 7lb 1ozer 21" length little one through these hips...sorry I'm running into a vent here..back to topic...

She was measuring long as usual >97% femer/leg length, head 45-55%....and wait for it...
Tummy was 86% at at 30....38%...NORMAL AVERAGE BABY SIZE...whhhat? Yeap somehow her tummy size dropped over 45% in the last month. Now...even with Nate I NEVER saw this kind of drop most his tummy went down 15% in a month from 65% to 50% but then I was swimming 1 hr a day and walking 1 hr a day. Umm strange...the only other 'theory' that works is the poor girl was so long that she was just cramped up in a super tiny space with long legs and was gong through a growth spurt. Peri and I discussed it and it seemed to be the most 'reasonable' answer since I have not lost or gained a HUGE amount of weight since my last u/s. I lost 1.5lbs at 28wks and gained it back plus 1.5 no biggie. My regular Peri...just asked I check my Ketone's to make sure I am getting enough food, she just forgot to tell me WHEN to check?? Anyone know? In the morning (fasting) or at night before bed??.

She also said baby was great...long and super lean. They were not worried so much about the length but about the trunk size of the baby and with it being so so thin. I should have NO problems at all pushing her least for now..c/s talk is over..ugh I so hope its for good! I'm reducing my swimming to once a day at night since mornings have been so so hard. Unless I get a really really bad case of resistance...then back to at least 45 min swim in the am.
Over all I'm relived and annoyed b/c no one believed me when I told them I thought it was a growth spurt and possibly compression of her body that made her tummy so HUGE. She is spot on where Nathan was last time and is actually a little smaller then he was..he was almost always in the 75%. She's in the 73% primarily due to her length...she has long toes too like me haha.

Anyway thanks for listening and being there!


rachaeljohnson 08-15-2007 01:35 PM

Re: 30wk Apt update for Bila75
Glad everything is looking good momma!! I am insanely jealous that you have only gained 13lbs at 30 weeks...i am at 24 and have gained 15. :( I am working out all the time and eating very healthy though, so it must just be how my body does pregnant. Good luck!!!

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 08-15-2007 07:28 PM

Re: 30wk Apt update for Bila75
:hugs: sounds great! and make sure you don't give into a pressured c/s mama, you sound to be doing great and the baby too!:goodvibes:

bila75 08-16-2007 04:08 AM

Re: 30wk Apt update for Bila75
You know..don't sweat the gain too much. I started off super over weight with this one b/c I never lost the weight from teh last one just a few months before! We conceved this one 7 months post my first ds!! So I have plenty of 'extra' body fat laying I'm just trying to not gain any more weight then I absoultly HAVE TO! I'm also doing the diabetes diet..which is super low carb ..unless I am working out..then I load up on carbs...other wise its 25-30 grms carb (whole breads/grains, fruit and milk count as carbs) PER meal and 2 15 grm carbs at snack time. If I'm STILL hungry I nosh on veggies and low fat protiens...hb eggs, nuts/nut butters, veggies...stuf w/ practically NO carbs an d lots and lots of fiber..Probbly get about 45grms fiber a day..I eat 1 lg salad and 2 small ones throughout the day as needed. So....thats how I am doing it. Please dont tourture yourself...I so miss twinkies and chocolate cake..but its just for a few more months..I keep telling myself then I can bing on whatever I

You're doing great momma...keep up the good work!


bila75 08-17-2007 03:07 AM

Re: 30wk Apt update for Bila75
Thanks Sally..
yeah I told them C/s was NOT an option I was willing to entertain at all. Oviously if the baby was too big then we would have to do a c/s but until then no way!

Thanks for the support! I hope all is well with must be soo excited about your little Nathan comming soon eh?


dirtdartwife 08-17-2007 04:26 AM

Re: 30wk Apt update for Bila75
Sounds like you're doing great mama! I'm jealous of the weight gain... I think this one will be my biggest not only biggest baby but biggest weight gain. I didn't gain anything my first trimester and by the end of my second trimester- 20 pounds. I'm dreading my appointment this morning because I don't want to see how much weight I've gained.

I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes really well for you!! :goodvibes: :hugs:

rachaeljohnson 08-17-2007 06:53 AM

Re: 30wk Apt update for Bila75
You are doing excellent with that diet...i am a healthy eater but may...this baby is lucky to have a momma who takes care of herself like you do!!! Keep up the great work!!!

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