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Rocket 08-16-2007 01:05 PM

Is this too much for 3 yr old?
My DD is turning 3 next week. We've enrolled her in YMCA for preschool program for 3 days a week (M,W,F) from 9-11.30am. So far so good. I think she'll like it.
Well, during the past year, she's also on Child Find program and we have a speech therapist comes to our house once a week for an hour. Free of charge. It's for her speech development. She still doesn't talk like a normal talkative 3 yr old but she's much better than where she was 6 months ago. So far so good too.
So, after she turns 3 next week, the speech therapist willl stop coming to our house. In June 07 we had her evaluated again and they said she's qualified for a therapeutic playgroup for an hour/week starting this Fall. That's fine with me.
Then I got a call from Child Find this morning and they said they haven't scheduled the playgroup yet. BUT my DD is qualified to go to a new preschool program at an elementary school near our house (7 miles away) for 2 days a week from 8.30-11am. This one will be free of charge since she's still qualified for this 'treatment' at least for another year.

So if she also goes to this new preschool program, that means she will go to school EVERYDAY (3 days to YMCA & 2 days at new preschool). Will that be too much for her? She's a VERY hyperactive kid though. She always asks to go outside and play everyday. She normally naps once a day at around 11ish (but I don't see any problem if we have to push it until noon or so until she comes back from school).
We think that it's nice for her to meet two different groups of kids and learn new things. And it's free!
WWYD? any moms that have young kids in preschool age please give me your opinions.

mommy2alisa 08-16-2007 01:24 PM

Re: Is this too much for 3 yr old?
I think it's fine. At 3 my DD was in preschool 5 days a week. Monday thru Friday 9am to 3p.I was actually going to school & working so she went to an aftercare program until 430 or 5pm.....
I think being in preschool in the mornings will be great fun for her. She can com home and have nap time then a snack and quiet activity time with mommy, it will be great :)

southernmom2three 08-16-2007 01:44 PM

Re: Is this too much for 3 yr old?
It would be too much for ME, lol :giggle:
I dont like being away from my girly that long, that often.

jls~Kain~Drake 08-16-2007 01:54 PM

Re: Is this too much for 3 yr old?
I'd do it :)

tea4two321 08-16-2007 03:09 PM

Re: Is this too much for 3 yr old?
As a former 3 year old preschool teacher, I feel that this is too much time away from home. Little ones enjoy interacting with other little ones, BUT they learn best in the home with their mommy. I'd pick one program.

GrahamBaby4 08-16-2007 03:14 PM

Re: Is this too much for 3 yr old?
For the majority of 3yo this is too much, however, if she is a handful for you and it will save your sanity, then I would say do it, but honestly, I'd pick only one, and the one I personally would choose is the program with the school (if you are not going to homeschool for gradeschool) because... The Same Therapists will be working with her usually through Kindergarten, which really helps them grow, because they know what to expect at all times after the first few sessions, and its usually done in the classroom and other kiddos are involved too, which really helps accelerate the learning (for most children). However, the playgroup sounds like an awesome deal as well! our Child Find doesn't do the play groups, just the preschool.

as the parent of one super hyperactive child that had slow speech development, I think his 2 day a week program at the preschool wen he was just 3 years old was more than enough for him, AND the teachers LOL!

Rocket 08-16-2007 03:28 PM

Re: Is this too much for 3 yr old?
Thank you for all your opinions. I really appreciate it. I'll think about it and discuss about it more with DH and decide.
I won't be home with her anyway though. We work full time outside the home and normally she's with our aupair. We have another DS (16 months) who will also be at some activities while she's in school.
Where I come from (Thailand), kids go to school since as young as 2.5 yrs old (I did when I was 2) and stay from 8am til 2pm (well, naptime was probably from 11.30-2pm). Parents will pick them up at 2pm. So, it's not totally abnormal to me. I guess I really have to consider everything.
Thanks again!

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