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Robwen 07-08-2006 11:10 AM

Wanna start sewing my own CDs
My daughter is around 25lbs. Heavy night time soaker. Shes not walking yet, but will be soon. I want to start sewing her some CDs. Ive never sewn them before and im a newbie sewing at anything. What pattern and fabrics would you recommend please. TIA

tillers72 07-08-2006 11:33 AM

Re: Wanna start sewing my own CDs
I just started sewing my own pfs! I found a contour pattern on ebay for $5 and they email it to you...I really like them, I was able to put velcro on the 'tabs' so that it holds a little better and they fit wonderfully on my ds that is about 25# as well! for the 'wet zone' I bought some microfiber towels and some flannel. for the lining I used fleece on some and sherpa on others (I love the way the sherpa feels!) Basically I ended up with 8 layers including the lining...I also used a contoured doubler to do the 'wet zone' pieces. If I can help with anything else please let me know...feel free to pm me or email me. FYI Use a strong needle!!!

Robwen 07-08-2006 11:41 AM

Re: Wanna start sewing my own CDs
Thank you so much...would you mind PMing me the name of the person you bought the pattern from?

looking8186 07-08-2006 11:47 AM

Re: Wanna start sewing my own CDs
I know that mama bird has some free patterns so you could check that out at . I also have some patterns saved in my Favs but I'm not on the right computer right now so if you would like them later just pm me and I can send them to you on monday.
hope this helped,

hfitz5051 07-08-2006 12:34 PM

Re: Wanna start sewing my own CDs
Check out the craft forum on here. There is a sticky thread with a list of resources and free patterns. It can be just as addicting to make as to buy lol.

mamato3 07-08-2006 12:42 PM

Re: Wanna start sewing my own CDs
I love the very baby pattern it is so easy and I love the fit

ChurchPunkMom 07-08-2006 01:04 PM

Re: Wanna start sewing my own CDs has some great easy patterns. That's where I started. :) My favorite is the Fitted Diaper with Velcro. Diaper Shop is a good place for finding diaper making materials. Honestly, anything absorbent can be made into a diaper. :) Old receiving blankets, Tshirts, towels, whatever! I do suggest though, that you get good quality elastic and some Aplix from a place like Diaper Shop for the closure - Velcro brand is just crummy! (at least when I've used it...) I love using sherpa for the inside, it's so soft and snuggly! Flannel seems to stain the easiest, but you can always line with fleece or sherpa (sherpa is pricey and can be hard to come by..). T shirts and other jersey/cotton knit fabrics are great for the outer layer. Hemp is super absorbent and so is micorfiber - great for the internal soaker! If you want faster drying diapers, make the shell and then sew the soaker seperately and lay it in the diaper for use - sewn in soakers tend to take longer to dry. With a heavy wetter, you'll probably like the lay in soakers better anyway as it gives you customizable absorbency. :) HTH!:mrgreen:

betty_joanne 07-08-2006 01:11 PM

Re: Wanna start sewing my own CDs
Me too(covers also). I am scared of elastic though.

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