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ktoone 04-28-2006 01:30 PM

Fresh Laundry Tips!
I'd really really love it if we could make this a "sticky" post to keep it handy with all kinds of laundry tips. I'm always wondering what other people do, and I'm still searching for the "right" wash routine for my diapers. Anyone want to start this thread by posting their tips and routines?

Here's some questions to get us started?
  • What kind of washer (top loader or high-efficiency)?
  • What kind of detergent?
  • Pre-wash?
  • Wash cycle details?
  • Any additions to the washing... tea tea oil, Dawn, baking soda, vinegar?
  • How/when and why?
  • How many rinses?
  • What do you do when you "strip" your diapers?
  • Do you machine dry or line-dry?

Hope we get a good thread... I'm desperate to have a reference place to see what everyone else is doing!


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