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GrowingUpMad 07-17-2006 05:57 AM

The baby dropped!!!!
Well, Saturday night we were just hanging out at home and relaxing. I was getting ready for bed, feeling pretty good and decided no way was I getting up in a few hours to pee. I went to the bathroom and about 3/4 of the way through it I felt this pain and the pee stopped (although I knew I wasn't done). It hurt so bad for a brief second I thought maybe my water broke or the baby was going to come out. I sat there and yelled for dh and he came running. I still had to pee (and we all know what it's like to stop through it) but I just couldn't. I tried to stand and was stuck in this funky position. I started to cry thinking Lilly was arriving. I made it to the bed and could not get comfortable. I got on my hands and knees (face down, bottom up) and crunched a pillow ~ finally relief (although it must have looked wrong considering I was naked :blush: ). After about 10-15 minutes of this I could finally sit up again. The pain went away, I finally got to finish peeing and I was still freaked out. The next morning it came to me when I looked int eh mirror ~ Lilly had dropped into position. Neither of my other kids made this much of a dropping impact but apparently that must be it because no issues since.

Anyone else feel their baby drop like this? Any clue as to how much longer I have? MIL said she had the baby within a few weeks as did a DS mama in the chat room. I am 33 weeks today and it's my 3rd baby.

mother4JC 07-17-2006 06:07 AM

Re: The baby dropped!!!!
Wow I have never heard of anything like that, but Congrats hopefully just a few more weeks. :goodvibes:

cblurose 07-17-2006 06:20 AM

Re: The baby dropped!!!!
I haven't heard of that happening before either and isn't dropping at 33 weeks a little early?!?! I don't know...just wondering. LOL

GrowingUpMad 07-17-2006 06:28 AM

Re: The baby dropped!!!!
I thought it was strange but the mama on chat and my MIL insisted it was normal. Should I call my ob? I feel fine now :headscratch:

One thing I should add is while I am 33 weeks my last period was Oct. 31st (I was charting so I now for sure) and I didn't find out I was pregnant until the end of January. I argued with them about the dates but they think I really did have a period in November (and forgot to mark it ~ uh, no) and then got pregnant. I have told my dates are off but they wouldn't listen from the first visit on so I left it alone. The doc has been saying for a while that she is expecting me to deliver early.
I wonder how many weeks I'd be with an Oct. 31st LMP?

Okay, just checked the dates which would bring it to August 11th (give or take, what's a luteal phase?). So that would make me like 36ish weeks................

cblurose 07-17-2006 06:45 AM

Re: The baby dropped!!!!
ooh goodness i hope your ready to have that baby soon.

Lisa-Rachelle 07-17-2006 07:27 AM

Re: The baby dropped!!!!
Sounds like your dates could be off a bit. Have you had an ultrasound? When they did the sonogram, what was your baby's gestational age measurment? Not that ultrasounds are entirely accurate, but if you actually about a month ahead of your dates I would think that would be reflected in the baby's size.

Dropping can happen earlier or later than "average" (36 weeks) in moms who already have one or two children. It may just be an indicator that your body is getting ready and that you will deliver a little on the early side, rather than late. As far as the pain, I would think that as long as it doesn't persist, it isn't anything to be too concerned with. Of course I can't speak from much experience, seeing I dropped with this baby and didn't even realize it! I still don't have any of the pain/pressure that I hear women talk about.

Tracylhl 07-17-2006 07:37 AM

Re: The baby dropped!!!!
Well, I'm 34 wks. and my baby has definately "dropped" already, but my midwife doesn't seem worried about me delivering early. And as for the pain, I wonder if maybe the baby didn't turn over or something like that. I know when I dropped b/c my pelvis started feeling achy and I was walking kinda funny since I now have a baby head between my legs! LOL! But I had pain like you are talking about a few days ago and I really think that he was moving and turning himself completely over b/c he had been hanging out on my left side and now he's one the right and I tend to have posterior babies, so I think he's sunny-side-up now. Anyway, he hit a few nerves in doing it and I had a lot of sharp pains and stuck in funny positions like you said. Good luck! Hope that whenever your little one decides to make an appearance all goes well!

GrowingUpMad 07-17-2006 07:41 AM

Re: The baby dropped!!!!
I have had 3 ultrasounds and they said the baby measures perfect, within 5 days of my due date. That is why I let it go, I guess thinking I ovulated way late or something. I mean I was regular for the 11 months we were TTC ~ every 31 days/lasting for 5 days ~ so you'd think my body O'd normally. I'm a freak, who knows.

I am not ready for this baby to arrive so let's hope I just dropped early or something. It is my 3rd and I know the muscles aren't so tight anymore, maybe that is why.

My pelvic bone feels achy as well ~ I do remember that feeling though (and didn't miss it a bit). i know her bottom is right at my belly button as I can feel it right now.

Kimmomy2dom 07-17-2006 08:00 AM

Re: The baby dropped!!!!
LOL, mine have dropped too, but I think they're too heavy not to. Luteal phase is the time between ovulation and your period.
I've always heard that with subsequent pregnancies they may not drop at all, it has more to do with where they are to being with and what shape your pelvis is in and what size they are, KWIM? I'd mention it at your next appointment, but I wouldn't bother calling.
If you're still concerned about her dates, I would bring it up again at your next appointment and DEMAND that they hear you out. That's what you pay them for. I'm not sure (without charting or anything else pointing to earlier conception) that they'd move your date, though. The only reason I got my EDD right was because I was charting - and they changed it because I knew.
Hmmm...maybe if your last cycle was really long it would work right, LOL. If your luteal phase is super short a lot of the time it won't support carrying a fertilized egg to your period, KWIM? That's always what I heard anyway.
Ohh, my pelvis has been killing me for months, LOL, I totally feel for you. Is she breech, or vertex?
I can't say that's what them dropping felt like, but my ribs felt a lot better without heads in them. I do have SEVERE bladder and urethra pain at night if I lay down "wrong" and they're in the "right" position, LOL. I think if it keeps going I'll be at risk for an infection, so I'll hope that they move.
Anyway, I wouldn't be concerned (although I'd mention it at your next appointment) unless you're feeling any other labor symptoms.

myajdw 07-17-2006 10:11 AM

Re: The baby dropped!!!!
with my first i hadn't figured out my period before i went in and just guessed as best i they came up with a EDD then i had called in when i got home b/c i figured it out. well the nurse didn't let the dr know so for the whole pg they were off by 2 weeks. it showed up on U/S but the dr said at that point he wasn't going to change my EDD. it reflected when aj was born and the tests they do after that showed him to be at the exact # of weeks gestation i said he was lol. so they can be wrong about these things!!! they should listen to us more!

as for dropping...sounds like you did mama! and if you say off your dates that you're about 36ish weeks...than you probably are! silly dr's just don't listen! and even at 33 weeks, if you deliver in a few and their dates are right your baby sill still be fine. Brighton dropped yesterday (i'm 35 weeks) and i'm exhausted...along with having had regular contractions most of the night (but they did stop..hmmmm) and feeling as if i was hit by a freight train....i think it's only a matter of time for me now!

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