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mamax3 09-19-2007 09:53 AM

Thoughts on our boy name...
I don't post EVER it seems... but I wanted to see what you all think of our name/s. :) I have 3 girls, and are expecting a boy in January. :goodvibes: Most everyone here thinks outside the box as far as naming, so I really respect your opinion!!

We have:

Penelope Jewel, Lola Izabelle, Margot Josephine and...

Raleigh Solomon


River Solomon *Just added

WDYT? We had "Tobias" but no middle name, but I can't get into it. This baby just doesn't seem like a Tobias. Even DH agreed it wasn't clicking even though we've both love the name. The only other name we are keeping on the list is Ansel, maybe Ansel Raleigh. :headscratch:

momtojande 09-19-2007 09:57 AM

Re: Thoughts on our boy name...
I like it personally -- but on first glance I did think it was "Ryleigh," which is a pretty popular girl's name. He might run into that a lot.

Wishing4 09-19-2007 09:57 AM

Re: Thoughts on our boy name...
I kind of like it. I think it would be one of those names that would grow on me. I'm not sure about how well Raleigh goes with Solomon though, but I have a terrible time choosing middle names.

mamax3 09-19-2007 09:59 AM

Re: Thoughts on our boy name...
Any other middle name suggestions for Raleigh?

twinsmomkatie 09-19-2007 10:06 AM

Re: Thoughts on our boy name...
:lostit: I had a puppy named Raleigh! DH and I name all of our pets / bears / cars / the kids' animals after historical British figures. :goodvibes: DH said I was the Queen (Elizabeth I, of course, whom we named our daughter after also), so Raleigh was my pirate who would go out and "acquire" treasures to bring to me.

I love the name Raleigh! (We also have Drake.)

Does your maiden name work for a boy middle name?

Or could you use a last-name-middle-name?

Like, Raleigh Harrison . . . or Raleigh Williams? Raleigh Cedric? Raleigh David?

De-lovely 09-19-2007 10:07 AM

Re: Thoughts on our boy name...
I LOVE IT! I like Ansel too but not Ansel Raleigh....I like Raleign and I like together its wonderful I think. Not a Tobias fan at all.

4boys1girlforme 09-19-2007 10:11 AM

Re: Thoughts on our boy name...
Raleigh Mcarthur
Raleigh Jefferson
Raleigh Jasper
Raleigh Mathias
Raleigh Lucien
Raleigh Ellis

Like any?

3lilbubs 09-19-2007 10:24 AM

Re: Thoughts on our boy name...
I like it! :) I love the royal names thing you've got going on! If you're on the fence how about Samuel, Simon?

Fairyblue 09-19-2007 10:46 AM

Re: Thoughts on our boy name...
:thumbsup: This is a great site if you are trying to figure out names and especially ones that go with your other DC's.

Wishing4 09-19-2007 10:56 AM

Re: Thoughts on our boy name...
Oh! I like Raleigh Cedric and Raleigh Jefferson. They sound so important. :)

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