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marelle4381 07-18-2006 11:38 AM

How did you learn of cloth?
I don't know if this thread has ever been started but I'm just curious about how some of you learned of cloth diapering?

I would have never thought twice of using cloth. When people said "cloth diapers" I thought the old Gerber style you see in the packs at wal-mart and stuff with pins. No way in Heck was I doing that. I did however think of a diaper service but for only about five seconds. I was thinking of the earth. But then figured why bother everyone else does it. So Kaden was put in sposies without a second thought.

One day at work I was bored and googled my son's name "Kaden Micheal" and up popped another woman talking about her 2 year old son "Kaden Micheal" I clicked and actually found it to be a online diary. Kind of a blog. Well I joined the site and made some "friends" one was talking about ordering cloth diapers called "fuzzibunz" I didn't bother to look but told her I had thought about doing the service at one point. She pretty much convinced me that Fuzzi bunz were easier, cuter, and cheaper. She also gave me links on the dangers of sposies. I looked up Fuzzi Bunz and they were oh so cute. I never even had known they made cloth diapers so cute and so easy to use. I waited to hear how she liked hers. She loved them so I decided to give them a try. I bought some and I loved them just as much but hated the microterry inserts it came with for free and switched to Wonderful hemp inserts. I can't ever imagine putting my son in sposies again. It took me awhile to convince the daycare but as soon as she saw the dipe and how easy it was to use she was all for it.

Now I'm a walking advertisement for cloth dipes. There could be so many more people like how I used to be out there who have no idea how far cloth diapers have come. I never cover my sons diaper, I put baby legs on him and I get a lot of questions about the diapers. Even his dr. had never seen cloth diapers like his before Sad. I have gotten all my friends to change to cloth. I really feel like these new kind of cloth diapers (not just fuzzi bunz but all modernized dipes) are like a huge secret. I wish we could get more publicity for them and change one baby butt at a time.

I also have expanded from Fuzzi Bunz to many types just because I'm addicted like many of you.

blondeviolin 07-18-2006 11:42 AM

Re: How did you learn of cloth?
I had a friend at another forum who was talking about cloth. It is asked a few times and each time I'd roll my eyes. Then I actually researched it one day (I was bored!) and the thought came that, "Hey! I could actually DO this!" LOL And the rest is history.

marelle4381 07-18-2006 12:06 PM

Re: How did you learn of cloth?
Guess the internet is a wonderful thing :laugh:

redheadedangels 07-18-2006 12:11 PM

Re: How did you learn of cloth?
i heard about it from my expecting club for oct 05 babies. but i still never thought about doing it till my baby was around 6mths old. Then i only did it cause we were broke after i lost my job due to my dd having heart problems. I was only using prefolds and covers (didn't hear of snappis LOL) and soon found the love for pockets. Then ventured on into wool with fitteds and prefolds. Now i love it all and i CD because i LOVE it ~ not because of the money ~ although that makes it even nicer :)

SheilaJoy 07-18-2006 12:14 PM

Re: How did you learn of cloth?
I went to a friend's baby shower, before I even knew I was pregnant with my last dd. She mentioned she was going to do cloth, and I was thinking, "uh huh, yeah whatever." Nine months later, my dd was born.

From the beginning, I hated putting those crunchy paper diapers on her soft skin, but cloth diapers didn't even cross my mind. But I had been getting into making my own cleaners, and just going through the natural cleaning sites, I eventually came across people who use cloth.

I googled cloth diapers and was shocked at how cool they were (I also was picturing plastic pants and leaky flats). So, when dd was four months old, I made the switch.

Oh, and that friend who was going to use cloth? She gave up, and I ended up giving her my sposies that I will never use again! :smiley_haha:

ETA: Oh, and she gave me her prefolds! She used cloth for about a month.

vick 07-18-2006 12:17 PM

Re: How did you learn of cloth?
I don't really remember if it was just because I'm kinda crunchy anyways and saw mention of it in something I was reading, or if someone specifically said "I use cloth diapers" and I said, huh?

But I Googled and learned. I built a stash without really knowing there were CD forums like this where I could ask questions and say "does xxx really work?" - and then I never used it. A few months later I got interested in CDing again, and then I found DS and really got educated about what all was out there and what my options were.

I wish there was a way that all CD newbies ended up here, first - it would save them so much time and $$ :)

belladonna 07-18-2006 12:20 PM

Re: How did you learn of cloth?
I had my 2nd dd in the summer of '98. When she was a few months old I got a call from a friend in town to check out an ebay listing--it was a Sesame Street fitted flannel diaper. Hmm, curiosity got me, I bought it and the first thing my friend said was "you know you could make that a lot cheaper." So I wandered down the dipe WAHM biz trail for a few years, I really hated sewing them though :laugh: It was much more fun collecting everyone else's. I had a great stash of Jenny O's, Bizzy B's (Bees?), Heavenly Hineys, Darla's, Kushies (lol, not great but they did the job), a bunch of my own "seconds" and prefolds. I only had 1 Aristocrat soaker but I sure loved it.

I've been on and off cloth ever since. There were a few times we just couldn't use them, one of my dd's had a horrible recurring rash from cloth when she was about 18 mos old, if I wasn't changing her the second she was wet she got rashy so sposies worked better at that point. We lived with the inlaws for a few months and she just wouldn't hear of it, better not to rock the boat when I was stuck there, lol. But 3 of my 4 girls were primarily cloth babies, I know my youngest will be PTing sometime soon and I'll just have to get my fix making woolies for other people's babies :goodvibes:

clothdiapermom 07-18-2006 12:21 PM

Re: How did you learn of cloth?
I was one of those poeple who thought they would never CD. One of DH's friends switched when there son was 6 weeks old and I thought they were crazy, they too used Fuzzi Bunz. Well after fighting diaper rash on and off several times over the course of her first 6 months of life I decided to give them a try. I LOVED them. THe only time we have used sposies since has been on vacation because DH prefers them on vacation and I respect that. We have always used Fuzzi Bunz or prefolds and proraps. I did convert about a dozen prefolds into prefitteds but they really haven't been used unless I get behind on laundry and don't get her Fuzzi Bunz cleaned. We recently tried BumGenius and I love them and I am converting over to all BG now. I love my cloth diapers.:lostit:

aimeeplus3 07-18-2006 12:24 PM

Re: How did you learn of cloth?
There was a girl on my Born in July 03 board for my daughter that used HH's. I always love looking at the pictures of her little girl in her cute dipes. I was interested in doing it with my daughter but was working full time so just didn't really look into it. When I was pregnant with the twins (and on bedrest) did lots of research into it. My family all talked me out of it. Stupid me let them. My MIL offered to buy all our diapers. So, for the first 3 months she bought them all and we used sposies. When the boys were 3 months old she stopped buying them and as soon as I realized she was not bringing any more I got online and ordered 6 pf, 2 fb and 1 roo. I was hooked from then and got a bunch more. I wish I would have started with my dd or at least from the beginning with the boys! My family all thought I was nuts at first but now they are accepting. My dh is all for it and likes to tell people about cloth. lol- never thought that would happen. My Mom is even all for it now. Amazing- she was the one who was giving me the hardest time about it before I tried it.

rpg_mommy 07-18-2006 12:32 PM

Re: How did you learn of cloth?
I had first thought about CD's when I was taking my Bradley Class. My instructor was preaching the virtues of cloth over disposables. I had no idea there was anything other than prefolds and covers, but I had decided it would be better to use those, so, being totally CD naive, I put a package of cloth diapers from Babies R Us on my registry. We ended up getting a TON of disposables at our showers, and I never got any covers, had no idea there even WAS a Snappi, and disposables were just so easy...

When I finally ran out of maternity leave, I saw a friend I worked with who knew I had a natural birth and she said "Oh, there's this Natural Mama's'd like them!" I looked them up on their Yahoo Group and started chatting with them and found out most of them used cloth diapers. They told me about all the great new styles, and about *insert heavenly music here* pockets.

DH and I started doing some research, found Fuzzi Bunz, saw how cute they were and were hooked. By the time DS was 4 mo we had ordered a stash and now I'm in love. I've got a couple of fitteds now too and hope to try my hand at making my own soon.

We constantly get comments on how cute DS's tushie is - most people say "THAT'S a cloth diaper?'s so cute!" So I love getting the opportunity to tell people how EASY and CUTE they are...and how not messy and not complicated. My sisters swear that when they have kids, they will cloth diaper. Now if I could just convince my mil to use them when she baby-sits...

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