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aliyahsmommy 07-19-2006 03:24 AM

OH dear! Laundry problems again! HELP!
I started CDing in May and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The only thing I'm not loving is learning to do diaper laundry-the hard way!!:yuck: I think I've made every mistake possible before learning NOT to make it! HELP!!

I just bought a brand new WAHM diaper and I love the look and the fit it's great!!! BUT.....
I washed it with plain HOT water (no detergent) to get all the dye out just in case it would bleed on my other diapers before I let her wear it for the first time. After she peepee'd in it for the first time she cried and wanted it off. I noticed that the fleece was repelling water so she was feeling the wet and the insert was dry. I thought no big deal so I hand washed it with Dawn and rinsed it several times until I got all the detergent out. THEN when I threw it in the dryer by itself my husband through in a DRYER SHEET and a shirt NOT seeing my freshly stripped diaper in there! AAAHHHH!:banghead:

So I stripped it again the next day with boiling water and Dawn and rinsed throughly. I put it on her again and it WICKED through the PUL badly. I'm kind of new to cloth diapering and I'm running out of ideas can you tell me what I can do. My poor lil' diaper has been washed ALOT more than than it's been worn so far!

Also I have well water- do I need to do anything extra because of hard water?

Oh, and by the way I use SUN on my diapers! So little that (about 2 tbsp.) I wonder if they are even getting clean. I use the highest water level and still have to rinse my diapers over and over and over to get rid of bubbles! WHY?

Thanks for your help mamas!! I need to get this laudry thing down before my newborn gets here in September!

Laniemel 07-19-2006 04:55 AM

Re: OH dear! Laundry problems again! HELP!
From what everyone's said, if you have hard water, you need a water softener, like Calgon. I'm having almost the same problem, except mine is with a fitted not absorbing through the middle of the diaper, just out the sides. I think it's to do with the hard water, though, so give that a try. Also, I've been hearing raves for Charlie's Soap. Supposedly, when you start using it, you run a wash cycle with it and no clothes or just some rags and it'll take all the buildup out from your other detergent. I had to have the commissary special order some detergent for me, and I'm going to start using that instead of different detergents for my clothes and her clothes and diapers because that may be adding buildup to the machine. On that note, have you tried stripping your machine? :hugegrin:

aliyahsmommy 07-19-2006 03:04 PM

Re: OH dear! Laundry problems again! HELP!
No I haven't stripped my machine.:headscratch: How do you do that?

Where can I buy the detergent your talking about and how much Calgon do I use?

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