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kaylee'smommy 07-19-2006 02:34 PM

what do you do to prevent night time leaks...
Ok, I am loving cd'ing... even with the messy ones:yuck: but, what do you do for nighttime? She leaks EVERY night...I use pockets (some WAHM and some FB) I just can't stop leaks. She sleeps through the night, and I can't wake her up to change her... she won't go back to sleep. I never had this problem with sposies...

help please!

9800Emily 07-19-2006 02:38 PM

Re: what do you do to prevent night time leaks...
A really good nighttime fitted and wool are all that work for my dd. If your dd is only wicking, and not leaking a bunch of pee, some people have had success with putting a wool cover over a pocket diaper.

blondeviolin 07-19-2006 02:44 PM

Re: what do you do to prevent night time leaks...
We doublestuff her. :giggle: She usually will go in a MOE insert and a doubler from SMJAE. The doubler is 3 layers of hemp/organic cotton fleece. You can find her at hyena ( I'm sure if you emailed her she might consider a custom order. Our Abby goes 12 hours in that...and she's still nursing at night. (of course! She's only 7weeks!)

Prettylocks 07-19-2006 02:48 PM

Re: what do you do to prevent night time leaks...
DS is NOT a heavy wetter. But if I were in that situation, I would use a good hemp fitted (firefly sleeptight, Cricketts, PW) under a Motherease Airflow cover or wool. If you can use your sewing machine at all, you can make her a soaker out of an old wool sweater. GL :thumbsup:

Fither 07-19-2006 04:06 PM

Re: what do you do to prevent night time leaks...
hello! have you received the black and turq. dipe yet? i really hope you like it! anyways, my son would go through spurts where he would leak every night with our pockets. then he would be fine for a week or two, then leak for a week! very frustrating. i really think that for us, since he's not a heavy wetter, it's all about him peeing too fast when he's laying on his side. it would leak out his thighs before it could soak through to the insert. while we're having NO problems now, i've decided to go with a good fitted (a very baby simply nights) with an aristocrat soaker over it for nighttime. i got the crat today so i'm really excited for the VBSN to come! i have a feeling that i'm really going to like fitteds/wool for night. but i'm terrified i'm going to love the wool and i'll have yet another very expensive addiction!!

i agree with a pp who said that maybe you could pull some wool over her pocket and see if that works? good luck!

raceNzanesmom 07-19-2006 07:52 PM

Re: what do you do to prevent night time leaks...
What are you stuffing with? Is the insert soaked when it leaks? If the insert is soaked you need more in there. Just make sure it isn't so stuffed the legs gap- that can cause leaks too. If she's on the higher end of sizing for the pocket dipe you may need to size up just for the extra stuffing. Snap-EZ makes an awesome night time insert (love her pockets too). Do you get any leaking during the day? How long can she go with what you're using before she leaks/soaks the insert. Night time is a LONG time, so you need plenty to hold all that pee.

I use PUL pockets once in a while and never have a problem, but ds is 2 and rarely soaks his night time insert. I use mostly fleece pockets stuffed for night or a good hemp fitted with a doubler under wool. My wool is mostly pull on recycled wool, soakers, shortes, longies, or wool flannel, which works good at night.

Depending on her size I have a few pieces of wool FSOT. Drop me a PM if you're interested.

Don't give up, you'll find what works. :hugs:

SarahJane 07-19-2006 08:01 PM

Re: what do you do to prevent night time leaks...
Ditto on SEZ night inserts! They really are wonderful! Our son is 15 months old and is a hold it and let it go wetter. I have to have an insert that will take fast pee quickly. For us SEZ sherpa is even better than the hemp because of the speed I need for absorbtion. I was overstuffing with hemp, etc.... and kept getting horrible leaks at night out the top, sides etc.. but the back of the insert was bone dry. I swear by windpro fleece pockets for night. They stretch so much that the insert doesn't make the leg gap like it can in PUL. I've never tried fitteds with wool, since this works so well.

Hang in there. I was so frustrated at first. We were changing bedding, washing blankets etc... every morning. I haven't had a leak in months at night now.

Keep asking! Hugs!

vick 07-19-2006 08:03 PM

Re: what do you do to prevent night time leaks...
A fitted and wool is, IMO, the ultimate nighttime combo. There's no "what to stuff it with" issues, no repelling fleece, no over/understuffed - just an uber absorbent diaper and a bulletproof wool cover that keep everything in.

Summer 07-19-2006 08:13 PM

Re: what do you do to prevent night time leaks...
PUL pockets don't work good at night for my boy's. I use Snap-Ez lightweight windpro fleece pockets stuffed with 2 MOE inserts and they never leak. I don't understand either because I thought PUL was supposed to be more waterproof than fleece.:headscratch:

momtotwinboyz 07-19-2006 08:16 PM

Re: what do you do to prevent night time leaks...
We use solid PUL pockets all day. At night we might wrap a microfiber towel around the insert before we stuff the pocket. Microfiber absorbs very fast and will pull the moisture into the inserts preventing most leaks. If you have a heavy-wetter(like me) we use a doubler as well. Just a 9x4 or so just for more coverage where we need it without adding too much bulk to the entire diaper.

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