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lilmama2dsndd 07-20-2006 09:14 AM

BFing w/staph infection
Last Thursday I got a papercut that became infected with staph. I went to my reg dr and she basically ignored it, prescribed a general antibiotic and told me to soak my finger in hot water. By that evening it was much worse and spreading so I went to Carenow. They lanced and cleaned the wound and changed my antibiotic. The next day I was sicker still so I went back, they gave me an antibiotic shot and changed my medication again to something this dr said was safer for BFing (Minocin). I just get a phone call from them and they said the particular strain I have causes nasal staph infection so they want to add another antibiotic and that it was safe for breastfeeding (bactriban). But she then told me that I needed to stop breastfeeding to avoid the risk of my children getting the infection. She also told me not to handle them. DD and DS started having goey noses 2 days ago! I am freaking out! Has someone else ever dealt with this? Please help!

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