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firstkid4me 09-29-2007 07:28 PM

Labor inducers?
What natural labor inducers do y'all know of? I've heard of eating pineapple, eating eggplant parmesan (because of the basil and oregano), having sex, and taking castor oil (soooooo not going to do that, I poop just fine on my own!). I've also heard of using evening primrose oil and drinking red raspberry leaf tea but dh won't humor me on those ones (he won't humor the castor oil or eggplant one either.)

ETA: Basically, dh doesn't want to do anything that will cost us money, we're kind of broke right now (at least until the 1st.) I have to wait until then to get needles for the sewing machine because I broke my last one the other night :(

CrunchyMama0607 09-29-2007 07:29 PM

Re: Labor inducers?

:goodvibes: :goodvibes:

firstkid4me 09-29-2007 07:35 PM

Re: Labor inducers?

Originally Posted by CrunchyMama0607 (Post 1865835)

Dh would really like this one :laugh:


Prostaglandin is the hormone that softens the cervix to prepare it for
birth. It does not stimulate the uterus. The woman can consider making
love with her husband or partner once a day. She shouldn't get up right away and should elevate her hips. This lets the prostaglandin in the semen coat the cervix. Also semen orally has been said to help, as prostaglandins are absorbed orally as well as vaginally.

tmfletch 09-29-2007 08:51 PM

Re: Labor inducers?
I used a breastpump and that started my labor.

mclaybrook 09-29-2007 09:10 PM

Re: Labor inducers?
I used castor oil with my last two babies.. I'm a big fan. It won't work unless your body is ready though (I was at least 4 cm dialated both times). It's really not that spendy. Sex didn't work for us. :( Good luck! :hugs:

Monzie 09-29-2007 10:22 PM

Re: Labor inducers?
FYI...Evening Primrose oil capsules are pretty cheap. I got a bottle of 60 at Walgreens for around $6 (plus, they were running a "Buy One Get One Free" promo on supplements that week so I grabbed some Acidolphus tablets for post-pg too...just in case I get *ahem* a little "backed up").

Griffinsmom 09-30-2007 12:32 AM

Re: Labor inducers?
I ate an entire pineapple:blush: and went into labor the next day. I had desperation sex the wek before and it didn't work- I was walking around 5 cms dilated for weeks though-so who knows. Good luck!~

ClothDiaperingMama 09-30-2007 01:51 AM

Re: Labor inducers?
Nipple Stimulation.:blush:

mom2my3monkeys 09-30-2007 04:07 AM

Re: Labor inducers?

GrahamBaby4 09-30-2007 10:45 AM

Re: Labor inducers?
EPO just does the same thing that semen does, it softens the cervix.
The Red Raspberry Leaf tea just strengthens your uterus, it should actually be used throughout your pregnancy to prepare for birth. and the castor oil (not to be confused with the oil that goes in the car) I have "heard" works just as well applied to the belly - rubbed in like a massage and then put on warm wet cloths to help it soak in. Avoids the extra effect of sitting on the pot all day.

However, Nothing works if your body isn't ready. And FWIW I was 4cm for over a month with my oldest and NOTHING worked, and believe me, I tried it all! (including the blue and black cohosh from the health food store)

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