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nothing_butt_cloth 07-21-2006 12:37 PM

FINALLY talked to MW!!
Well, I just talked to my MW this morning. And the news is no what i wanted to hear.
She wants me to see a perinatologist for the first 18-20 weeks. She thinks i should get on heparin and progesterone,( already am using cream). And just need really close monitoring.After 20 weeks i can leave and see her for the duration. and have my homebirth.
She said i am not at higher risk of MC beccause i just had my son 7weeks ago. but she says with my MC history and 2 second trimester losses, I need to be seen as high risk for the first half of the pregnancy.

So NOW I am off to apply for state Health care aid and pray I get accepted, since i have NO health insurance. Problem is hubyb makes good money, so i worry about that. But i have been told the state does not deny you if you are pregnant and have no insurance.

SO i have an appt wiht Phoenix Perinatal on Aug 10. Which means my cali vaca will be cutshort, but it is worth it to me!!

jennyofthemoon 07-21-2006 12:40 PM

Re: FINALLY talked to MW!!
I know it's not exactly what you wanted to hear, but it's still great news! It's only the first half that you are ebing so closely watched for, and even though, in general, I'm not big into intervention, especially during pregnancy, I think that some extra assurance might be good---it would be even more devestating for you to have another loss right now. So good a few short months you'll be back in your mw's care and on your way to a peaceful birth :) You'll be in my thoughts!

lovemygirls 07-21-2006 12:43 PM

Re: FINALLY talked to MW!!
I know that is wasn't what you wanted to hear but at least this way you will be closely monitored by the perinatologist. They'll take good care of you mama!! :hugs: I've been thinking about you all day! :)

OneFabMama 07-21-2006 12:44 PM

Re: FINALLY talked to MW!!
I think even though its not the best news - I think it would be better for you to have a little more assurance at this time as well. It's still not bad news. Its only the first half and then you can still have the home birth you want, it's not all bad. :hugs:

Hayley 07-21-2006 12:46 PM

Re: FINALLY talked to MW!!
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Kimmomy2dom 07-21-2006 12:48 PM

Re: FINALLY talked to MW!!
:hugs: I'm sure she's asking you to do what she thinks is best. I'm so happy that you can see her again after 20 weeks, though! I think she just as easily could have had you see a peri for the duration, KWIM?
Are you getting a blood test done then? Or did you already and I missed it?
I can't wait to see what the peri has to say, too!

CMamma 07-21-2006 12:55 PM

Re: FINALLY talked to MW!!
Well specialist or not, that's great news. :) Please keep us posted on the insurance thing. I'm sure we'll all google what we can to help you find "hidden" healthcare help that the gov't doesn't tell you about if you need us too!

nothing_butt_cloth 07-21-2006 12:58 PM

Re: FINALLY talked to MW!!
I am OK wiht going. I saw that group for my first 2 kids, after i had my first set of twins They wre awesome!!
I trust them 100% and i loved seeing hte baby every couple weeks just to check!

I just need to beaccepted on state Health Insureance or i cant go..

GrowingUpMad 07-21-2006 03:46 PM

Re: FINALLY talked to MW!!
I had to see the specialist my ENTIRE pregnancy last time and while it's not fun it does help put you at ease. They had me in for som much monitoring I never had a chance to worry about the baby (I had to go twice a week the whole pregnancy). As for hte state in surance I know we are in different states however, I had health insurance that really sucked and dh made d decent money then plus I was working and they still accepted me and I used it to pick up all the copays and such. I think that they will not deny a pregnant woman regardless, just maybe make her jump through a few hoops. I will pray everything works out!!

masonite 07-21-2006 03:56 PM

Re: FINALLY talked to MW!!
I hope you can get some good health insurance.

In my state, you can't get anything like that unless you have super, super low income. Which, don't even get me started with, because it just SUCKS.

But, I really, really, hope you can find something!

And---YAY! Congrats--here's to a beautiful, healthy baby!

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