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babydirtybike 07-21-2006 05:49 PM

With BFing, how do you work it...
Do you go: baby feeds off each boob each time or do you alternate one boob each feeding?

Does this question make sense? Baby brain fog. ack.

rpg_mommy 07-21-2006 06:25 PM

Re: With BFing, how do you work it...
When we first started, he would be full nursing on one side each time, so I'd pump the other and freeze it. Now that he's bigger and much more of a piggy, he isn't satisfied until both boobies are empty!

ACTUALLY, let me rephrase that...the first few days after my milk came in he nursed off both and then PUKED. After a couple of days I figgured out he was nursing for comfort and overeating so we cut back to just one side each feeding and lots of snuggling. Stopped the huge pukes and had a happy baby. :)

ChurchPunkMom 07-21-2006 07:05 PM

Re: With BFing, how do you work it...
Every baby is different. :) When you first start out (before your milk comes in), you'll most likely be nursing on both sides with each feeding. Once the milk comes in, it will be abundant (in most cases), and then you'll probably be feeding on one side per feeding. As baby grows and your body adjusts it's production to how much baby is actually eating every 2-4 hours, you will probably start feeding on both sides in one sitting. Generally, with breastfeeding, a "feeding" is not considered over until both sides have been emptied. So it's more a matter of how long it takes a tiny infant to "finish" a feeding. My babies will generally take one breast every hour to an hour and a half. My dd is now 6mo and she's still taking about 30min break between breasts, but goes about 3 hours between feedings (timed from beginning of one side to the next time she starts on that side).

Whether or not you pump the other side is up to you. If you want to keep an abundant supply up (for instance, if you're going back to work) than it's a great idea to do that. If you don't need to, then there's no need to pump. However, some moms will be uncomfortably full and leaky if they don't empty the other breast. If you choose not to pump the other side, your body will just regulate itself to not produce as much since breastfeeding works on supply and demand. :)


mama23boys 07-21-2006 07:07 PM

Re: With BFing, how do you work it...
hmm if i remember right ds nursed one side for up to 45min then we switched and did another round of up to 45 min. as hes gotten older hes USUAllY nursing one side per feeding thus making it hard for me to figure out which one to nurse from the next feeding. hes still a marathon nurser thu! :D

im a SAHM so i havent pumped at all but if your going back to work then its prob a good idea to pump!

For The Love Of Cloth 07-21-2006 07:30 PM

Re: With BFing, how do you work it...
One boob a feeding, sometimes for several feedings in a row. I overproduce.

SoftBumBaby 07-21-2006 09:48 PM

Re: With BFing, how do you work it...
I only do one side at a time now b/c sometimes Evan "snacks" and doesn't get the hindmilk, and then by evening he's starving and I can't make enough to keep up with him (he can go every 20 minutes for 3 hours straight in the early evenings otherwise).

If he only "snacks" on one side, I'll do that side again the next feeding.

Otherwise I'll switch for each feeding. I remember by putting a safety pin on my bra on the side I need to nurse on next.

babydirtybike 07-21-2006 11:14 PM

Re: With BFing, how do you work it...
Thanks for all your responses. It really helps.:thumbsup:

jls~Kain~Drake 07-22-2006 07:52 AM

Re: With BFing, how do you work it...
With my first, the nurse (or hospital LC, I don't know) told me that I needed to feed him 20 min on each side (not saying she's right or wrong, but I'm more in favor of child-led feeding rather than forcing...) anyway...He'd feed on both sides...sometimes for 15-45 min @ a time. I think he was using me as a pacifier :) I'm glad we had that time though...I was only able to bf for about 4 weeks. My second would only nurse for short times on one side, but he was eating CONSTANTLY.

MamaMel 07-22-2006 01:49 PM

Re: With BFing, how do you work it...
I call my DD a one boobie baby! She only feeds off of one boob per feeding. If it's been less then 1 1/2 hours between feedings I usually offer the same breast to make sure she is getting enough hindmilk.

My DS would empty one breast and want the second. He'd eat for an hour each session. My DD only eats about 20-30 min each session.

My DD will eat off of one boob then 1 1/2 eat off another then go like 2 - 3 hours before she eats.


EmnJJsMom 07-22-2006 08:50 PM

Re: With BFing, how do you work it...
My DD only empties one side a feeding, so for the next feeding I use the opposite side...leaves me with lopsided breasts sometimes though.

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