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mommy2zander 04-30-2006 12:27 PM

Remove: all figured out! she made me a custom size!
I just bought 3 custom slots at bumblebuns & am so excited to get the diapers ordered & here!! :lostit:

But I don't know what size to buy.... his large fb are too big in the butt, now I wonder if they will ever fit correctly as he is almost 2 already... :headscratch:

we have one second hand med very baby that Lori made that fits well now... but i'm scared about outgrowing the 3 new ones & they are kinda a lot of $$...

so my real question is if anyone uses very baby & has a 30 pound son that is too small for large fuzzi bunz... and what size very baby they use or would recommend?? I think he really needs between a med & large waiste, but a med rise would be fine... but they don't make that of course... :D

also the one we have is velcro & I usually get snaps... anyone have very baby snaps? how do you like them??

tia for your help...

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