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OneFabMama 07-26-2006 11:19 AM

What Are You Waiting For?
I was just writing a list out of everything I'm waiting for. Since we are switching to all pockets/AIOs Ive been busy and still need to buy a little more

1 dz FB w/inserts
1 Custom Harleyz Pockets
1 Custom Daisy-Doodle AI2
1 Custom Nothing Butt Cloth AI2
4 Custom LRD
2 Magic Alls
1 Very Baby Pocket
2 Snap-Ez
1 Adorable Buns N Stuff Pocket

I think there is more but Im drawing a blank. Lots of customs haha. Im waiting for tomorrow when GAD stocks customs again. We need more GADs anyway.

Luvmybabies 07-26-2006 11:23 AM

Re: What Are You Waiting For?
Hmm.... I think most if not all of mine will arrive today.

Customs from Bumblebuns - 2 VBSN, 1 VB AIO
Customs from Wolf Woolies/Cub Covers - 3 heavy wetter fitteds, 1 pair longies
Soap from NE for Chloe

Think that's all. I trimmed my stash a bit thin here... gotta get some more dipes!

GrowingUpMad 07-26-2006 11:26 AM

Re: What Are You Waiting For?
Think brain, think:

I'm waiting for 2 packages for the rainbow swap
My Dixie Drops
My OMG win (2 dipes and a cover)
A box of baby clothes
A small soaker
FFS NB dipes (actually for my cousin)
My lip gloss/balm from the July swap
Custom FF

I think that is it :headscratch:

Seems like a lot but most were paid for weeks ago, just waiting...patiently!

SheilaJoy 07-26-2006 11:26 AM

Re: What Are You Waiting For?
I'm waiting on a custom cover from FF
2 custom minkee covers (not done yet though)
6 magi-alls
and that BBL fitted I bought from you :giggle:

HappyCDMamainWI 07-26-2006 11:27 AM

Re: What Are You Waiting For?
4xl Fuzzi Bunz from a Mama here.
An Oranges from DB
An embroidered cover from NBC.

So exciting!! Cant wait to get my fluff.

mama2cntrykids 07-26-2006 11:28 AM

Re: What Are You Waiting For?
2 custom Harleyz Dipeez
8 Harleyz Dipeez (bought from a mama here) + 8 extra inserts
8 Pumpkin Babies AIOs
1 custom Butterfly Bunz AIO
1 custom Blessed Bottomz AIO

I think that's it, lol!

I hope a bunch of this doesn't come when dh is home (running to hide), lol...

Psychomom 07-26-2006 11:30 AM

Re: What Are You Waiting For?
medium Loveybums wool jersey cover
2 custom FF dipes~but I don't expect them for a couple of weeks

a_cthelen 07-26-2006 11:32 AM

Re: What Are You Waiting For?
Custom set from Craftipants
Custom from NanasWoolies (this will be in a month, probably)
1 soaker
5 PW
1 wetbag from Dragonfly Boutique
18 wipes

I think that's all. I am so addicted to diapers, but I really don't need anymore. I can only justify buying more if I sell some, but I can't figure out which ones aren't getting the love they deserve! :)

masonite 07-26-2006 11:33 AM

Re: What Are You Waiting For?
Not much, but I have some paypal burning a hole in my pocket! :hehe2:

-Wool wash and goodies from Northern Essence


Is that it? How sad!!:cry:

redheadedangels 07-26-2006 11:41 AM

Re: What Are You Waiting For?
i think all i have coming is 1 lonely little prorap cover :lostit:

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