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Noortje 07-27-2006 01:20 PM

Llamajama waist and thigh sizing question??
I am looking out for a pair of longies and on their site it says that a medium's waist is 15, large is 16.
Same for the thigh, it seems a bit too small??

Do they stretch a bit?

DS' waist is 17.5"!

Also, the inseam... How in the world do I measure that? I put the end of the measuring tape in his crotch over his fuzzi bunz and measured it to one of his ankles, trying to hold his leg as straight as possible.
Is that a good way to measure inseam?

Thanks again ladies!
This whole new world of wool is giving me a headache. :banghead:
I really wanna try though!

sparkygirl74 07-27-2006 01:43 PM

Re: Llamajama waist and thigh sizing question??
That is the unstretched measurement. It gets quire a bit bigger, and they have a hidden drawstring.

It sounds like you are measureing his inseam right. Just remember that you are trying to get to where you want the pants to hit. You said ankle, which might put you with a bit of a short inseam. I like to measure to right between the arch of the foot and the ankle. That gives me a little growing room.

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