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Audriannasmommy 07-27-2006 02:15 PM

chicken and broccoli recipes?
ok i have some natures promise organic broccoli mini spears and some stir fry chicken breast strips , some asparagus spears fresh, and a fresh tomatoe. What can I make for dinner tonite . Keep in mind its only my soon to be 16 month old dd and I. Oh and we have rice.

wbkt8 07-27-2006 02:56 PM

Re: chicken and broccoli recipes?
my favorite chicken & broccoli recipe is -

cook the chicken. cook the rice (i do about 1c).

chop up the broccoli & tomatos...saute broccoli w/ some garlic & red pepper flakes (or whatever seasonings you like). after the broccoli starts to soften up a bit add in the tomatos until they've kinda mushed in with the broccoli. toss in your chicken to combine & get everything heated up.
add to rice & i like to add in a good bit of feta cheese.

(although if you don't like feta i'm sure you could substitute cheddar, etc.). season & serve.

Audriannasmommy 07-27-2006 03:08 PM

Re: chicken and broccoli recipes?
that sounds yummy dd is lactose intolerant

wbkt8 07-27-2006 03:33 PM

Re: chicken and broccoli recipes?
well skip the cheese i guess. probably want to up the spices in that case - maybe some lemon pepper type seasoning. that would give it some extra zip!

Audriannasmommy 07-27-2006 03:54 PM

Re: chicken and broccoli recipes?
Well i made it i used garlic, onion, salt and adobo seasoning. I am eating it now its got my seal of approval lets see what dd thinks when she wakes. And my fiances face when he comes home and sees i cooked a meal. Thats gonna be priceless thanks

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