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allycat 04-30-2006 07:12 PM

Biting and scratching toddler again!!
OK, I asked about what to do on the last board and I have been staying and watching my 2 year old son when he goes to nursery and when he is around other children. But even when I am there, unless I don't take my eyes off him at all even for a second (literally) he scratches or bites one of the other kids!! :poke: :lemmeathim: I have tried everything to get him to stop. Today at church in the nursery he scratched one boy on the face with both hands and left 3 bloody fingernail marks and then bit another boy on the hand and left a small blood mark. This is with 4 adults in the nursery!! He gives no warning or angry fit or anything to show that he is going to do it. This is rediculous and embarressing!!:banghead: :cry: :hide: I don't know what to do. The mothers were very accepting and said it was just a stage, but I think it is still not fair that their children have to be mutilated! This must stop and is beyond a "stage" when he is drawing blood. I'm trying to decide if I want to stop taking him to church at all or keep him separate or what. Any suggestions? I need something more than just waiting out a stage at this point.:gonnagetit: :dunno:

mommy2zander 05-03-2006 10:30 PM

Re: Biting and scratching toddler again!!
I just wanted to tell you that you are blessed to have supportive friends at church!! My son is also an active child who has been known to push & even sit on kids that are smaller then him... My supportive friends have also told me that it is a stage... has to do with children not understanding compasion until they are older, sometimes not until even 5 or 6, I've heard...

Anyways, I also have to watch my 23 mos old ds very closely & sometimes if I am having a lazy day or a long week, we just stay home & play outside... I do feel it is still important for my ds to be around other children & learn to play "gently"... but let's face it, we are all only human & sometimes need a break from watching like a hawk...

I think it's also a great break to have a mom's night out so you can really visit, since "we moms of very busy toddlers" can't visit as well while "watching" our kiddos!!

And remember, "this too will pass!!" :hugegrin:

singlemomto3 05-04-2006 10:31 AM

Re: Biting and scratching toddler again!!
when working at a daycare center when i was younger, we had to keep the biters and hurting children in a pack in play right next to where we were playing, they could play next to us but not with us, it took care of the problem fairly quickly, sometimes when they were closer to 2 we would have the playpen ready, but give them a chance to play nicely with their friends, with all our attention focused on stopping them as soon as they had their mouth by the other childs arm etc. Also what i do with my own kids, hold him in your lap with your feet over his, so that he is stuck, he will get upset, but you can just calmly talk about how much so and so is hurt, and it gives them owies, and you are going to have to hold them if they can't play nicely. that works faster than other less intensive ways.

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