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mamamac 07-30-2006 08:17 PM

Let down or not enough milk
I have had so many problems with feeding my daughter lately, that I get so close to quitting! I never had problems with my first daughter.

First my right nipple hurts like hell! Thankfully no thrush, the doc says it is still healing from the trauma in the beginning which is over 3 weeks ago. I got him to write a script for All Purpose Nipple Cream from Dr. Newman. That does seem to be helping. HOWEVER, when we nurse on that side, she will start screaming and tugging (which doesn't help) but stays latched. I can hear her swallowing, her tummy will grumble, she will start flailing her arms and legs. So I pop her off, self express, and milk goes all over. She doesn't do it nearly as much on the left side. But it is 2-3 times a feeding on the right. I burp her and she does a heck of a belch. Why does she seem to be getting so much air? Too much milk or not enough?

Also, like everyother Mama, I worry that she is not eating long enough. She will suck for a good 15 minutes non-stop and fall asleep or pop off and be content. With dd1 we would nurse for 30-45 minutes. Do you think that she has become that effecient at 3 weeks? Today we have been feeding almost every hour!

whiterabbit 07-30-2006 08:31 PM

Re: Let down or not enough milk
At 3 weeks I believe there's a growth spurt. Just keep feeding her and it'll be over soon.

With all 3 of my dc they were very efficient at an early age, they'd eat, fall asleep and eat again two hours later.

Oh and as long as she has enough wet and poopy diapers she probably is getting enough to eat. Hang in there!

tanyaandallie 07-30-2006 08:36 PM

Re: Let down or not enough milk

If you are still having nipple pain, I'd go see a lc to make sure you have a good latch. You should not still be having pain at this point.

As far as supply goes, the 2 keys to determining if you have low supply or not is weight gain and wet dipes. Is your new little one having plenty of wet dipes and gaining weight well? If so, you have plenty of milk and your babe is doing just fine. FWIW, my dd was a 45 minute nurser as well. She loved to nurse and would nurse forever. My ds (no. 2) was much more efficient. He would nurse for 10 or 15 minutes, get full and pop off. Like yours, he also nursed much more often. My dd was an every 3 hour nurser, ds at least every 2. Every baby is different.

Don't give up yet!!! Give it a few more weeks and I bet things will get much better. Here is a link about fussiness at the breast. Hopefully it will help you identify why your little one is yanking and pulling on your breast. Could it be that you have oversupply and your baby is having a tough time dealing with it?

mamamac 07-30-2006 09:06 PM

Re: Let down or not enough milk
Oh yes I've seen a LC. The latch was horrible in the beginning which tore me up. I mean my nipples were cracked, bleeding, and scabbed over. They were terrible. When I went to see the LC last week, the first thing she checked was the latch. She saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. We thought maybe it was thrush and thats why I went to the doc. They are getting better. I know this will pass, as will her growth spurt. Although, I am thinking that she just wants to grow all the time! She has plenty of wet dipes and she is already over 10 pounds. I will check out the website and see what they say. Maybe it is too much milk for her. I can pump about 5 ounces in about 5 minutes. Thanks for the website.

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