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juniper29 07-31-2006 08:08 PM

RAVE for.....
I'm so behind on raving, I thought I'd do all my favorite dipes in one sitting! :giggle:

Valor Kids! Beautiful dipes! They fit great and the prints are to die for!

Bumblebuns Very Baby!!!! Especially with the trifold external hemp soaker - 4 hours without a wick - I have a LOT of dipes and only a few of them can do this! Very impressed!!! (I love Flutterby, Blue Lake and Olivebranch baby too:giggle: )

Bum-Ware! Bulletproof and trim. Need I say more? lol

GADs!!!! Trim, great fitting, the BEST microfiber inserts too.

Zany-Zebra!!!! So cute, trim trim trim, low rise, beautiful appliques, great customer service!!!

L'il Baby Buns Cuddle-in-Ones! The QD PUL version is just amazing - DH just loves the cuddlebuns! I'm suprised more WAHMs don't make them!!! And Sophie is a doll!!!!

Tenderbeginnings! These really are great dipes :-)

Cloth Thoughts!!! These dipes are T-R-I-M ! If you are a GAD lover, check these out. Especially if you like cotton prints over your PUL!!! And I just love Phoebe!!!

Preston's Pants!!!! Okay - I fell in love with these dipes, they have the most awesome fit and they are sooooooooooo well priced with embroidery on them!!!! And they work great!!!! These are some of my fave dipes :-) And Jen is great (Middle Earth Diapers)!

Precious Coverings!!!! I just got some of these and I didn't think that the trim cuts were going to work for my super soakers! boy was I wrong!!!:laugh: Lisa can do some fancy stitching on them and they are just awesome :-)

Whew!!! There are other dipes that I love (Mudpies, beccabottoms, berry plush, fuzzi fannies), but they get raves a lot, so I thought I'd add some other WAHMS to the list!!! Please please try some of these dipes if you haven't already!!!!!

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