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Irishmommy 08-01-2006 07:28 PM

So, should it feel like she's gnawing off my nipples?
My dd just turned 12 months and got her first tooth the very next day and took two steps about three days later. So, I know that all of these milestones can affect how she nurses; but I feel like my nipples are going to fall off! They hurt when she latches on and ache for about an hour afterward. Is that normal? This DID NOT happen when my ds cut his first tooth. Is it something else? I have had breast pain periodically and I just chalked it up to usual nursing things, every time I was about to go to the doc to see if it was a blocked duct or something, it would sort of work itself out one way or another; but sheesh this is really painful. I feel like I've got a fire going on in my shirt (and not for good reason, lol:giggle: )

Diagnosis, Dr. Mammas?

MamaLove 08-01-2006 07:50 PM

Re: So, should it feel like she's gnawing off my nipples?
Yikes! Owie zowie! A fire in your shirt! Well, my ds has 16 teeth and I don't feel them at all when he nurses...except when he's not completely latched on (when he tries to talk or has/puts something else in his mouth). He tried to bite when the first teeth came, but quickly learned that he was seperated from the breast and stopped biting.

Is she latching on completely? When properly latched on, the toungue and roof of the mouth keep the teeth off the nipple. She could be letting out the pain of teething on you. Is only the nipple soar? I'd sooth it with some aloe vera or lanolin, hot and cold ginger compresses, or cabbage leaves. Also, keeping the immune system strong always helps. Sometimes soreness can come from a high demand, so maybe drink some mother's milk tea to support milk production. I hope the fire goes out soon for ya!

wbkt8 08-01-2006 08:09 PM

Re: So, should it feel like she's gnawing off my nipples?
i find that soreness for me is usually hormonal - like i'm o'ing or starting af or something like that. dd also tends to nurse more at those times i think b/c i get a bit of a supply dip & she's trying to compensate.

i would wonder if it might be that. is it possible you're pg? that would be another reason to be extra sore.

my other thought would be you might want to rule out problems like thrush. i haven't had it personally (knock on wood), but i've always heard it described as a burning sensation.

and like the pp mentioned - make sure she's latching properly. it's easy for these things to get lax as they get older (and start doing more gymnastics).

hope you figure it out soon.


rpg_mommy 08-02-2006 08:25 AM

Re: So, should it feel like she's gnawing off my nipples?
I agree with the pp's

1) Could it be thrush? Always heard that feels like burning. Are your breasts red? Does your dd have white stuff in her mouth (looks like cottage cheese maybe)?

2) Poor latch?

3) Fixing to start your period or pregnant? The week before I got my period (the only time I've gotten it since DS was born) I thought my boobs were going to fall off they hurt so bad!

Good luck mama!:hugs:

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